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Denzel Washington Wife 2018


Denzel Washington Wife 2018

Find the complete dating and relationship profile of Denzel Washington to know about his wife as well as all his ex girlfriends.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington Biography

Denzel Washington is one of America’s finest and most talented actor, producer and director. He was born in Mount Vernon, New York, on December 28, 1954. He attended Mainland High School in Florida and the Texas Tech University. Denzel also studied acting in the Lincoln Center campus and also studied for one year in San Francisco at the American Conservatory Theatre.

Denzel has won many awards in his entire career. He won the Golden Globe award three times, two Academy Awards and a Tony Award. He has starred in movies such as Malcolm X, The Great Debaters, The Book of Eli and more.

Denzel Washington Wife

Denzel Washington has been married to Pauletta Washington for more than 30 years.

Pauletta Washington

Denzel Washington and wife, Pauletta Washington has been married for decades. They first met in 1977 while Denzel was on his first acting job, so he was not so famous at that time. The job was for a TV movie known as “Wilma.”

Denzel Washington Wife

Denzel and Pauletta got married in 1983 and currently have 4 beautiful children between them. Their union is a great inspiration to many young people that true love exists. They are also a great inspiration to other Hollywood couples that saying the vows of marriage means one has to stay committed throughout and not just for a single day or few years. Managing show business and other commitments have been a major challenge to many celebrities but in Denzel and Pauletta’s case, show business and family commitment have their own time. They couple have been living happily for years and it is everyone’s wish that they will live together many more years.

On the other hand, Denzel has been caught in several controversies which have to do with his affair with other women. At one time, he was rumored to be kissing an unknown woman at a party and also having an affair with a co-star. However, he denied all these claims and the most amazing thing is that his wife has been solidly behind him, supporting him since they got married. These little issues could have led to their divorce but both have them have somehow found a way to survive.

Denzel Washington Previous Relationships

Joy Philbin

Denzel is a famous actor and has lots of friends too. He and Joy Philbin have been friends for quite some time, at least according to their reports. Friends can do anything but spending time secretly isn’t one of those things. In 2002, there were rumors that Denzel and Joy were hooking up, which was also the time he was married to someone else. Denzel and Philbin were both seen at a New Year party.

Joy Philbin

They had a great time together as friends but things got suspicious when both of them disappeared for about an hour. No one knew where they both went, and this fueled the rumors that they both had something together. Denzel has been in many controversies in his entire career, so this is just one of them. When both were confronted about what happened and why they disappeared together, both of them denied that nothing of such ever happened.

Joy Philbin is a famous American television personality, born on February 1, 1941. She has hosted programs and starred in movies like Live with Kelly, Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous and People I know.

Sanaa Lathan:

Denzel Washington was accused of infidelity in 2006. The actor was rumored to have had a fling with Sanaa Lathan. He was said to have cheated on his wife, Pauletta, who he has been together with for 30 years. Denzel Washington and Sanaa Lathan both featured in the film Out of Time. Both were meant to act as lovers in the movie, which they did as professionals. But many people claim that their relationship grew much stronger and that they took their on-screen romance to reality.

Denzel Sanaa

His wife, Pauletta confronted him about the situation but he blatantly denied the allegations that he and Sanaa were having an affair. At the same time, rumors also started spreading that Sanaa was pregnant with Denzel’s child. The actress also said in an interview that people started calling her mother because of the rumor. She maintained her stand that the relationship she and Denzel had was on professional grounds and nothing more. The actor was also rumored to have kissed an unknown woman whom he met at a house party. The rumor didn’t lead to a breakup with his wife but affected their relationship to the point where both of them spent their 30th wedding anniversary apart.

Sanaa Lathan is one of America’s exceptionally talented actress and voice actress. She was born on September 19, 1971. Sanaa has starred in many hit movies throughout her career. The Tony Award nominee featured in movies like The Best Man, Love & Basketball, Alien vs. Predator, Brown Sugar, and The Family That Preys.

Dating profile of Denzel Washington

  • Pauletta Washington: Wife. They are married since 1983.
  • Joy Philbin: Remour girlfriend. They were see together in 2002.
  • Sanaa Lathan: Remour girlfriend. No official statement about their relationship.
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