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James Marsden Girlfriend in 2018


James Marsden Girlfriend in 2018

Check out James Marsden current girlfriend in 2018 as well as his complete dating history. Check this list to know about all his relationships.

James Marsden Biography

James Marsden was born on September 18, 1973. He is an American actor, singer and Versace model. He started his career with the television show “Saved by the Bell: The new class”. James Marsden has been in a lot of relationship in his life. Check his dating history in his list of girlfriends.

James Marsden

He was previously married to Lisa Linde and has also been in a relationship with the Charlie Thibodioxue and Rose Costa. In 2011 he decided to divorce Lisa. He has two children with Lisa Linde.

James Marsden Girlfriend or Wife in 2018

James Marsden has been in a lot of relationships and has a lot of on- screen match ups. He is currently single. There is no any rumor in media about his relationship. It seems he will stay single in 2018. In 2000, he married Lisa Linde, their relationship worked for 10 years and they later separated in 2011.

Previous Girlfriend or Relationship History

Lisa Linde

Lisa Linde was born on 10th May 1972 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. She is a 44-year-old American actress who became popular for the Days of our lives and relationship with the James. In 1996, they started dating and in July 2000 the couple got married. They have two children together, one daughter and one son. Jack Sheldon was born 1st February 2001 and Mary James was born on 10th august 2005.

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In an Interview, he said, “I have some responsibility to let my children know I am not special because of what I do but who I am as a person”. Here is a complete timeline about their relationship, when they started dating, when they got hitched and the year they divorced.

  1. They started dating since 1995. They have seen public several times. Even they shared their great moments.
  2. The relationship became successful and they got married in the year 2000. The couple has been seen in many events.
  3. After a year, the couple blessed with their first child.
  4. After five years, the couple gave birth to the little princess. It was happiest moments for their life.
  5. There were no many issues between the couple. After the mutual consultation, they decided to get separated.
  6. Due to the increasing differences, the couple had got divorced in September 2011.

James always used to play the best role of the father in his life and he will continue with it. Even after they separated, they have seen together in many places.
According to reports, the couple was never upset from their divorce. Lisa said that they always stayed as a friend.
In 2014, the couple was seen together in an event and was also snapped having a lunch together.

Rose Costa

Rose Costa has born on the 9th March 1988 in Brazil. She is 29-year-old Brazilian actor. She became popular for having a child with James.

James Marsden and Rose Costa

Immediately after the divorce with Lisa, he started hooking up Brazilian actor Rose Costa. In the just short amount of time, she was knocked with the child with Marsden. On December 14, 2012, she gave birth to their first child.

It’s the third child for James and first child of Rose. They never speak up about their love in media and were quite private about their relationship.

They even got a new apartment in New York to spend time together with their new born. When Rose needs to go back Brazil then James also takes time to visit her and spent nights together. Even after having a good time and a child, they both were not able to manage their relationship. This lead to breakup, but they are still considered to be as friends.

Charie Thibodiexue

Charie Thibodiexue became popular for her work in Blood Out, Burning Palms and Journey to Promethea. They started dating in the year 2012. The couple didn’t stay in a relationship for a long. They were seen hanging out with each other for few months and then parted ways.

Suki Waterhouse

Suki Waterhouse is a 23-year-old British Barbie Beauty. In 2013, they were seen together sharing dinner with each other. It was clearly seen they were in a relationship. They spent around three and half hours with her new acting pal. According to reports, she was once seen following James out of a restaurant and rumours of their dating were all over the social media. They enjoyed dinner together and appeared to leave the restaurant in the same car.
They first met in London in 2013 and hit a rough patch in 2015. Suki Waterhouse career was going great in 2015 and this is believed to be the reason for the breakup.

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