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Jensen Ackles Wife or Girlfriend in 2018


Jensen Ackles Wife or Girlfriend in 2018

Jensen Ackles is currently married to Danneel Harris and she has been his wife since 2010. Also, know about his ex-girlfriends and past dating life.

Jensen Ackles

The Jensen Ackles is a 39-year-old American actor. He has born on 1st march, 1978 in Dallas, Texas, USA. He is popular for Dean Winchester on supernatural. He had been in relationships with Jenna Krupa, Jessica Simpson, and Lean remission.

Jensen Ackles Wife

Jansen Ackles is married to Danneel Harris. They have recently shared the pictures of their newborn Twins. He got married to Danneel in the year 2016. It’s been a six-year they are in a relationship with each other. Before the marriage, Jensen has been in a relationship with 4 girls.

Jensen Ackles Wife

His always keep his life secret from the media. There were many rumors about his relationships in past. According to sources, he has been in a relationship with the Jenna Krupa, Jessica Simpson, and Lean remission.

After his marriage, he never is in a relationship with anyone else. The relationship with Danneel has been working smoothly from last six year. Even the after the twins the relationship between the couple became more powerful after it.

Jansen Ackles has been in a relationship with the Danneel from last six years. He has three children now. In December 2016, he became the father of twins. He doesn’t have any plan for any other relationship in 2018 because his relationship is going fantastic.

Jensen Ackles Relationship with Danneel Ackles

The relationship stated in 2006. Jensen and Danneel were friends before they were dating each other. In 2004, they appeared together for first time in the comedic short film. After a couple of years, they started working on the movie entitled as Ten inch Hero. The character of both the people was quite amazing. They were looking too cute in the movie.

Jensen Ackles wife Danneel

The funny part was, they didn’t even know that they were part of the movie. He was working while taking break from the supernatural. After the shooting of movie started, they started dating each other. Even after the movie, they appeared in many other movies too. They were seen in many events and functions together.
After dating three years, Jansen proposed Danneel to be a part of his life forever. According to sources, she confirmed the proposal through posting on twitter. Later in an interview, she revealed that she was marrying on 15th may 2010 at Dallas Texas.

After the marriage, they became parents of the three children. They were recently blessed with twins. The on-screen love story finally turned into one of the beautiful real love stories. In the next few decades, it doesn’t seem that they will ever break the relationship.

Previous boyfriend or relationship

Leann Rimes

In 1997, there were rumors of Jansen dating with musician LeAnn Rimes. She is the 34-year-old musician of America. She has born on 28th August 1982 in Jackson and became famous for HOW DO I LIVE. Even the fans were saying that they made a really cute couple.

Jensen Ackles and Leann Rimes

According to sources, she confirmed about her relationship with Jansen in an interview. The relationship stated in 1997, they stayed with each other for a year and in March 1998 their relationship ended.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has born onm10th July 1980 in Abilene, Texas. She became popular for sweet kisses. It was rumoring that singer dated supernatural actor in the late 90s. Her album Sweet kisses were rocking at that time. Even the media reported, he was helping her to get over from heartbreak.

Jensen Ackles and Jessica Simpson

After some time, she said an interview that she had her heart broken by Jensen Ackles. The relationship has been started in 1998. They stayed in a relationship for a couple of months and then they break up with each other.

Jonna Krupa

Jonna Krupa has born on 23rd April 1979. She is a 37-year-old Polish Model. She became popular for Juggy dancer on the Man show. Jonna and Jansen have been started dating in 2003. They stayed in a relationship for the 2 years.
They were seen in many events and functions together.

Jensen Ackles and Jonna Krupa

According to sources, they were enjoying their relationship. They stayed in a relationship for 2 years and 7 months. It was one of the longest relationships of Jensen. The couple became one of the most liked couple at that time.

The conflict between the couple has been stated in 2005 and they decided to end the relationship. The relationship has been work for 2 years but still, they were seen at many events together.

Tania Saunter

Tania Sautner has born on 5th march 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is 34-year-old Canadian actress who became popular for the Slither. The relationship started in the year 2005.

Jensen Ackles and Tania Saulnier

It only worked for couple of months. According to some sources, they stayed in a relationship for 4 months, but eventually, the relationship between the couple was ended.

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