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Jonah Hill Girlfriend, Wife 2018 – Who is he dating?


Jonah Hill Girlfriend, Wife 2018 – Who is he dating?

Jonah Hill current girlfriend or wife in 2018 is Erin Galpern. This is the complete dating profile of Jonah Hill which will throw light on all his relationships.

Jonah Hill Biography

Jonah Hill is an American born actor, screenwriter, producer, and a famous comedian. He was born in Los Angeles on December 20, 1983.

Jonah Hill

Jonah started writing his own plays and performs them during his college days. His plays pulled some strings which made him conclude that his true desire was to go into acting of films. His dream came true when he was Dustin Hoffman by his friends who were Dustin’s children. Dustin’s eldest son encouraged Jonah Hill to audition for a role in the movie I Heart Huckabees, in which he got approved and made his first film debut. However, Jonah’s first leading role was in the comedy movie, Superbad.

Jonah Hill Film Career

Jonah’s acting career had been very successful over the years. He has featured in various comedy and hit movies like Knocked Up, This Is the End, Grandma’s Boy, Accepted, Get Him to the Geek, War Dogs, Funny People, The Wolf of Wall Street, 22 Jump Street, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and more. Jonah Hill’s first Golden Globe nomination came due to his amazing performance in the movie Moneyball. The movie also helped him to receive his first Oscar nomination too.
Jonah’s wish was to become a writer and he had dreams of joining the Simpsons Saturday Night Live’s writing team. He also dreamt of joining The Larry Sanders Show. He was responsible for writing a comedy movie, Pure Imagination for Sony.

Between the periods of June 2014 to June 2014 Jonah Hill was ranked by Forbes Magazine in the ranking of highest paid actors in the world as the 28th. His writing skills also contributed to his increased paycheck as he contributed to the stories of movies like 21 Jump Street, Sausage Party, and 22 Jump Street. He didn’t just contribute to these movies but also starred in them. Jonah Hill has a net worth of $30 million dollars. The actor is still young, so more is expected of him.

Jonah Hill Girlfriend or Wife

Jonah Hill has dated quite a lot of beautiful girls and in the past few months he was spotted with a mystery girl lot of times. The mystery has been uncovered and according to, the name of his girlfriend is Erin Galpern. They were seen together kissing on the beach of Mexico, but at that time no one knew the identity of this girl.

jonah hill girlfriend

Jonah is a funny guy who many pretty ladies will easily fall for. Above all, he is also enjoying a successful career as an actor. Jonah has suffered many heartbreaks but the professional knows how to differentiate between matters of the heart and work. Seeing Jonah Hill with Erin Galpern we can be sure that this relationship will surely be successful.

Previous Girlfriend/Wife

Ali Hoffman:

Jonah Hill dated Ali Hoffman. The couple looked good together but the saddest part is that their relationship didn’t last long. They only dated for nine months. The funny man Jonah was very close to Ali Hoffman’s family. He also knew Ali for years before they decided to take their friendship to another level. The “21 Jump Street” actor is also friends with Ali’s brother called Jake.

Jonah Hill Ali Hoffman

Jonah wouldn’t have been an actor or attained greater heights in his career if not for Ali’s father Dustin. The Oscar award winner encouraged Jonah to go into acting when he was still in high school. Jonah and Ali’s relationship would have lasted considering the fact that the duo had been very close friends before they started dating. Though they called it quits after dating for such a short time but the stars remained close friends even after the breakup.

Jordan Klein

Jonah Hill and Jordan’s relationship was very promising. They attended the same high school at Crossroads in Santa Monica. The duo started dating in 2008 and everyone could see that they were truly in love with each other.


Jonah and Jordan became so close that everyone believed their relationship would end up in marriage. And though they really love each other, they were also not ready to tie the knot. Simply put, they were not ready to make a commitment and considering the fact that their careers stand in the way, they knew that the challenges would be great if they tie the knot so early.

Rita Ora

Jonah Hill ex girlfriend

Jonah Hill had a fling with Rita Ora, at the time she was still dating Rob Kardashian. Jonah and Rita spent the night together during a trip they both made to New York. They met at a nightclub there and they also went home together. Rob accused Rita of cheating on him with Jonah Hill.

Isabelle McNally

A mystery blonde was spotted with Jonah Hill, and she was no other person but Isabelle McNally. Both of them were spotted buying groceries together in Los Angeles and also go to the gym together.

Jonah Hill Ssabelle Mcnally

Isabelle was another woman who many thought would stay in Jonah’s life forever. They actually fell in love but their relationship didn’t last. They called it quits in 2014.

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