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Ross Lynch Girlfriend in 2018 – Who is he dating?


Ross Lynch Girlfriend in 2018 – Who is he dating?

Ross Lynch current girlfriend is Courtney Eaton and they have been together since 2015. Also, check his dating and relationship history Laura Marano and Morgan Larson.

Ross Lynch Bio

Ross Lynch is a current heartthrob of many Americans. This young American actor, singer and songwriter also have two bands called R5 and Pop Rock. He is one of the upcoming talents of America both as a singer and actor.

Ross Lynch

His first acting project was the TV series Austin & Ally on Disney Channel where he played the character of Austin Moon. This role made him a famous face on Television. He has also played the character of Brady in another television series called Teen Beach Movie.

Ross not only acts but is also an accomplished singer. He performs at various Rock concerts in and around the country. He plays with his band and also works as a solo artist. This multi-talented boy was born and brought up in Littleton in Colorado. He has been home-schooled where he had also learned to play piano and guitar.

Ross released his first single called “A Billion Hits” in 2012. The song was well received by his audiences and soon he released his second single called “Heard it on the radio” which also reached number 196 in the chart of UK singles. For his TV series Austin & Ally, Ross has sung all the 14 songs.

Although he is still quite young and has far to go, Ross has carved a place for himself in the entertainment world. He is definitely a heartthrob of many young girls who are enthralled by his voice and songs.

Ross Lynch Girlfriend or Wife

Ross Lynch is currently dating an Australian actress named Courtney Eaton. Courtney has done quite a few modeling assignments before joining films. She is best known for her role in the Mad Max: Fury Road in 2015.

Ross Lynch girlfriend

Her character was called Cheedo the Fragile. She is also known for playing Zaya in the movie Gods of Egypt. Courtney started her modeling career quite early at the age of eleven when she got selected at a fashion graduation event. Although she was signed up by Fox and was trained for another 5 years to be an international model. During her training days, Courtney also took part in an acting workshop where she learned acting.

Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton

Courtney and Ross have been dating since 2015 and still, now the couple is going strong every day with their romance. The couple is quite active on the social media and posts cozy pictures of them which show their love and bonding.

Ross Lynch and Courtney Eaton

Both of the couple’s fans are overwhelmed with the fact that these two young celebrities are going strong for so long at this age. The couple is seen in various public events and needless to say that they look quite cool together.

Dating History of Ross Lynch

Laura Marano

Laura Marano and Ross Lynch have been friends since their Austin & Ally days. These two young actors gelled well on the sets of this hit TV series and became very good friends. They were seen both on screen and off the sets many times and the rumor mill could stop themselves from guessing the fact that the two are actually dating.

Ross Lynch and Laura Marano

The two actors were also seen locking lips publicly and they were seen in quite cozy and loving poses in various public events. However, both the actors confirmed that they were not dating and that they are very good friends. Ross even went on to say that Laura gives him a positive vibe. In various interviews, Ross has openly spoken about their friendship and what it felt like when he first kissed Laura Marano.

Maia Mitchell

Ross Lynch met Maia on the sets of the TV series Teen Beach Movie. They were paired up as a couple on screens for this series. The chemistry between them was quite sizzling and that did not leave their fans to guess that something more is going on between these two hotties off the screen.

Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell

Soon there was buzz all around about these two dating each other. They have also been spotted together at various places. It is because of their sizzling chemistry the dup became an instant hit pair for their fans both on and off the screen. However, they denied the fact that they have dated each other and just costars.

Morgan Larson

Morgan Larson was also rumored to be dating Ross Lynch in 2012. She worked in the TV series Teen Beach Movie and that is where she got to know Ross. They became friends and started hanging out together.

Ross Lynch and Morgan Larson

The two were great friends and they were spotted partying together at various events apart from the shoot life. Their fans started guessing that Ross and Morgan were dating each other. But the two actors denied the fact and remained friends till the end.

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