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Who is Jace Norman Dating? Girlfriend List


Who is Jace Norman Dating? Girlfriend List

Jace Norman is currently single and is not dating anyone for now. Check his relationship with ex girlfriend Isabela Moner and other women.

Jace Norman Biography

Jace Lee Norman or Jace Norman became a household name when he appeared on the Nickelodeon TV show Henry Danger. He shot to instant popularity playing the role of a super boy. Born on March 21st, 2000, Jace started his acting career when he was just 12 years old.

Jace Norman

He was born in New Mexico and later moved to California. His first assignment was playing the role of “Jessie” in Disney series. After that, he became a star with Henry Danger. Jae has worked in other Nickelodeon projects like Rufus, Rufus 2 and Splitting Adam. Jace Norman has also done a voice over for the animated movie named Spark.

Jace’s growth as an actor is phenomenal and at a very young age, he has got a lot of acclamations that includes one of the prestigious awards of the Television industry. Jace won the “Favorite TV Star” award at the Kids Choice Awards in 2017. With his growing popularity, it is quite confirmed that Jace has all the potential of being a star in his upcoming years. Apart from the above-mentioned shows, Jace Normal has also been a part of projects like Deadtime Stories, The Dumb Show, The Thundermans, Webheads, Ho Ho Holiday and Nickelodeon’s Sizzling Summer Camp.

Jace Norman Girlfriend Currently

Jace Norman is currently single. He is not dating anyone after his breakup with Isabela Moner. However, Jace with his quirky and funny style did post a picture of him and his bae, which turned out to be his beloved pooch. As the news suggests, Jace Norman is currently concentrating on his upcoming and future projects in acting.

Jace Norman Dating History

Riele West Downs

Riele West Downs is supposedly the first girl Jace dated. It was in 2015 when both these teenagers were acting in the TV series Henry Danger. Riele West Downs was born in Toronto Canada in 2001. Like Jace, she has also started her career very early.

Jace Norman and Riele West Downs

Her first project was Four Brothers in 2005 when she was just 4 years old. This young actress then went on to work in Henry Danger from 2014. Jace and Riele had a whirlwind romance when they met on the sets of Henry Danger. The couple dated in 2015 from February to June. Although the romance was short lived and both of them were very young, the couple surely did share some of the best moments when they dated each other. As far as the current news goes, Riele West Downs is also single right now.

Jordyn Jones (Rumored)

After the breakup with Riele, Jace stayed single for quite a few months. However, the Hollywood grapevine said that the young actor was seen with a girl named Jordyn Jones. Jordyn is a dancer and she first took part in the reality dance show called Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

Jace Norman and Jordyn Jones

She came 5th in that competition and became a familiar face on the national television. Jordyn took part as a dancer in the Kids Choice Awards show in 2015 and it is said that this is where she met Jace Norman. It is rumored that Jordyn and Jace dated each other during November 2015 and January 2016. It was a short affair that ended too fast. The couple posted some nice and cozy pictures on their social media handles which led their fans to think that they were dating. However, it is not known whether they were dating or were “just good friends”.

Isabela Moner

The affair with Isabela Moner happens to be the one that got maximum publicity. Although the relationship lasted for only seven months, this is one of the best relationships Jace has had. Isabela is an American singer and actor herself who is famous for her character in another Nickelodeon TV series called 100 Things To Do Before High School.

Jace Norman and Isabela Moner

Isabela also went on to star in the Hollywood movie Transformers: The Last Knight. Her character as Izabella got much appreciation from her fans and critics as well. At the age of 10 Isabela debuted in a Broadway play named Evita. She had the chance of singing alongside Ricky Martin in that play.

Isabela and Jace acted in a movie called Splitting Adam and that is when their romance blossomed. They became one of the coolest celebrity couples while they were dating each other. Their romance was sizzling and the couple was seen hanging out in public. However, things did not last long and they eventually parted ways citing their workload and young age as some of the reasons.

Sydney Park (Rumored)

After his split with Isabela Moner, it is rumored that Jace is dating Sydney Park. He had also hinted about dating Sydney in one of his interviews which parked the grapevines to gossip more. Sydney is also an actress and has acted in many television projects since 2006. Sydney and Jace worked together in The Thundermans and Nickelodeon’s Ho Ho Holiday.

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