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Andrew Garfield Girlfriend, Wife 2018 – Who is he dating?


Andrew Garfield Girlfriend, Wife 2018 – Who is he dating?

Complete dating profile of Andrew Garfield 2017. Find out who is his current girlfriend or wife as well as about all his previous relationships.

Brief About Andrew Garfield

Andrew Garfield is a British-American actor born August 20, 1983. He was born in Los Angeles but had his training in Epsom. Garfield’s mother was a teaching assistant at a nursery school. His father was the head coach of the active Guildford swimming club. His parents also had a small interior business they control.

Andrew Garfield

Garfield’s interest was to study business but got interested in acting when he was sixteen. He attended Priory Preparatory School and the London Freemen’s School before he went for training at the University of London.
Garfield has featured in many movies like The Social Network, Never Let Me Go, The Amazing Spiderman, Death of a Salesman. Garfield has had an amazing career. Despite not wanting to blow up, the blockbuster Amazing Spiderman did over $132 million. He had a net worth of between $3 million dollars. He has a bright future and is possible for the figure to go up to 7 or even 8 figures.

Current Andrew Garfield Girlfriend

Andrew Garfield is currently single, but there is a rumor linking him Emma Stone. While most celebrities successfully combine being in a relationship and work together, others simply choose work over a relationship. This was the reason they broke up in 2015. Building a career is not that easy. The competition is high and is very challenging to get to the top.

Enough about the career lessons, Andrew Garfield seems to be enjoying life as a single guy until now. The fast rising star has not been linked to anyone officially, but different sources claim that he and his ex-girlfriend Stone, have been crossing each other’s path. The duo also co-starred in The Amazing Spiderman.

Emma Stone is at her best. Not only is she the best paid actress in the world, but there are rumors that Andrew Garfield has just started dating her again.

Andrew Garfield dating Emma Stone

According to Mirror UK, both have decided to give a new opportunity to their relationship. Mirror published this article in October 2017 which is the reason I am updating this section. The Oscar-winning actress is making several trips to the United Kingdom to visit the actor, who is embarked on his latest project for the big screen, “Angels in America”.

“Andrew’s feelings for Emma never softened and now they are approaching again,” said a source close to the same publication.

Both Andrew and Emma have been seen praising and giving good compliments to each other since they broke up, but now they have again started spending time with each other. Although, this news has not been confirmed by both the actors, but many major publications have and published articles about their reconcile. So, for now officially he is single, but we can assume that Andrew Garfield is back with ex girlfriend Emma Stone. Besides, there is nothing hidden under the sun. If they are back together, time will tell.

Andrew Garfield Ex Girlfriends

Emma Stone

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are the latest on and off couples in Hollywood. They duo met in early 2010 during screen-test for The Amazing spider man. Their chemistry onscreen and off-screen was something else. The poppy-dogged eyed Garfield and the beautiful stone became Hollywood’s new lovebirds at that time. Stone was 21 while Garfield was 26. At that time, he was still dating Shannon Woodward while Stones was seeing someone else. In June 2011, their love story became very strong.

Andrew Garfield girlfriend

Rumors started making the rounds that both were seeing each other and it everything was perfect at the time because both of them had separated from their respective partners. Stone and Garfield became closer together as they were filming the Amazing Spiderman. The duo where flirting at the MTV music awards. The co-stars made their romance public beginning from winter 2011. They were seen in public places kissing and hugging each other like lovers. In April 2012, they coupled made their first red carpet appearance and this time, it was at the Nickelodeon Kid’s choice Award. August 2012 was another memorable year in the life of the couple.

Andrew Garfield ex girlfriend

They ate pot brownies with friends and went to Disneyworld to celebrate Garfield’s birthday. Their love was blooming and everyone became convinced that they were actually meant for each other. The filming of The Amazing Spiderman started in February 2013, and during the shooting, both professionals were able to put their chemistry aside to do what they were paid to do. Things started falling apart in 2015. Stone was nominated for an Oscar for the best supporting actress but surprisingly, Garfield did not accompany her to the award.

As their conflict continues to deepen, rumors started making the rounds that the duo was taking a break from their relationship. Garfield and stone’s relationship is like a puzzle that’s not easy to figure out. In July 2016, they both went on a cruise with some friends in the Aegean Sea. And they also crossed each other’s path in 2017 during the AFI Award Luncheon and Oscar’s award in February 2017.

Shannon Woodward

Shannon Woodward dated the Amazing Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield for three years. They started dating in 2009. The Rising Hope actress didn’t enjoy enough time with her beau due to distance.

Andrew Garfield Shannon Woodward

It was purely a distance relationship and as the Social Network star started making progress in his career advancement, things got from bad to worse between them. A source close to the actor said that they didn’t speak to each other for weeks, even though Woodward had been making everyone to believe that their relationship is on break. Well, such things happen to co-stars most times. Some don’t survive the loneliness for long before calling it a quit. Forever’s fault it was to end their relationship, they both had a good reason to split. They hardly had time for each other creating room for other people to creep in and mess things up.

Dating History

  1. Current Status: Single
  2. Emma Stone: She was his last known girlfriend. They started dating while filming ‘Amazing Spiderman’ in 2013, but due to their demanding career got separated in 2015.
  3. Shannon Woodward: Their relationship was of three years which started in 2009 and ended in 2011.
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