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Dave Franco Girlfriend, Wife 2018 – Who Is He Dating?


Dave Franco Girlfriend, Wife 2018 – Who Is He Dating?

Do you want to know who Dave Franco is dating? Check who is his current girlfriend or wife as well as all his past relationships.

Dave Franco Bio

Dave Franco is one of the youngest celebrities in Hollywood who is currently married. He was born in Palo Alto California on June 12, 1985, and also the youngest among three brothers, Tom Franco and James Franco.

Dave Franco

He made his first film debut in a drama television series called 7th Heaven and has moved up in his career to feature in hit movies such as 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, Unfinished Business, Nerve, The Lego Movie, Fight Night, Greenberg, After Sex and more. His current net worth is valued more than $2 million dollars.

Current Dave Franco Girlfriend or Wife

Dave Franco is currently married to Alison Brie.

Alison Brie

Alison Brie and Dave Franco have successfully managed to pull off what a lot of Hollywood stars cannot accomplish. They are currently married and living happily together as a couple. The duo first met in New Orleans at the Mardi Gras parade in 2011. They officially announced their engagement in 2015.

Dave Franco wife

One basic fact about Alison is that she was never interested in getting married until she came across Dave and got completely convinced that he was the perfect one for her. However, every good thing must have a beginning, Dave and Alison started dating in 2012. His love and passion for cats, which other women were not so comfortable with, were one of the reasons he decided to marry Alison.

Dave Franco wife

At the period they were both dating, Dave usually spent most of his time at Alison’s place which makes him neglect his cats most of the time. He talked about taking the cats with him to Alison’s place and when she agreed, he felt relieved and concluded he would marry her because they are compatible. Reps for the actors confirmed that the duo got married on March 2017 in a private ceremony.

Relationship Timeline:

This is the complete timeline from when they met to when they got married.

  1. They met met in the year 2012.
  2. In 2015 they decided to to take a serious step towards their relationship and announced they were engaged.
  3. Dave Franco married Alison Brie in 2017 in a private ceremony where only his close friends and family members were present.
  4. At present in 2018 there has been no rumors about any bad thing about their relationship. We only hear about how happy they are together.

Dave Franco Ex Girlfriend List

Dianna Agron

Dave Franco is unarguably one of the hottest guys in Hollywood. The 21 Jump Street star hasn’t been romantically linked up with many women like other celebrities in the industry or maybe we do not have enough evidence to prove his past intimate relationships. He has been romantically linked with the I Am Number Four star Dianna Agron in the past.

Dave Franco Dianna Agron

Dianna is one year younger than Dave. She was born in 1986 while Dave was born in 1985. But despite their little age difference, they were still in love with each other until May 2009 when rumors of their separation started making the rounds. Their relationship did not last long as people expected it. And sadly, the main reason for their breakup is still unknown.

Could it be that Dave’s love for cats was the cause of his breakup with Dianna? Cats are wonderful pets but they are not enticing to most girls. Dave started dating Dianna in 2008 and called it quits one year after.

Dianna Agron is a fast rising American actress cum singer. She was born in Savannah Georgia on April 30, 1986. Dianna has featured in movies such as I Am Number Four, Zipper, The Family, The Hunters, and Bare. Diana later met Alex Pettyfer on the sets of Glee and it was confirmed that Alex Pettyfer was dating this actress.

Kerry Bishé

Dave Franco and Kerry Bishé co-starred in the 2001 movie Scrubs. They both looked good together but unfortunately, there is evidence that the duo ever dated during or after the movie. Their action, were strictly business and nothing more it seems.

Dave Franco Kerry Bishé

Though, it is very common for Hollywood stars to make their on-screen romance to real life. Most even end up being life partners after all. Dave seems like a cool guy, who can different between pleasure and business. He has not been romantically linked to women he has co-starred with like other actors in the industry.

Kerry Bishé is among the few New Zealand-born American actresses with great potentials and creativity. She was born on May 1, 1984, in New Zealand before making her way to the United States of America. The sultry actress has been featured in movies like The Lucky Ones, Red State, Argo, Motherhood, Newlyweds, Goodbye World, Grand Piano, and Nice Guy Johnny.

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco shared a steamy kiss from the set of their movie, Nerve. Was that a proof that the co-stars had become an item or were their actions strictly show business? Absolutely show business. Emma and Dave were one of the perfect on-screen matchups in 2016 movie Nerve.

Dave Franco Emma Roberts

The movie was about a high school girl named Vee, who was engrossed in an online game of truth to dare where her every move was monitored and controlled by an anonymous group. Dave Franco starred as Ian in the movie. Another actors who was dating Emma Roberts was Zac Efron, but soon they broke up and are no longer together.

Emma Roberts is an actress and a singer. She was born in Rhinebeck, New York on February 10, 1991. The beauty queen has starred in movies like Blow, Nancy Drew, Hotel for Dogs, Valentine’s Day, The Art of Getting By, Virginia, and Scream 4.

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