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Ashton Kutcher Wife, Girlfriend 2017 – Who is he dating?


Ashton Kutcher Wife, Girlfriend 2017 – Who is he dating?

Ashton Kutcher wife name is Mila Kunis and they have two kids. His dating life includes several girlfriends and also a failed marriage with Demi Moore.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Bio:

Ashton Kutcher was born on 14th August 1983 in Chernovtsy, Ukraine. He is 39-year-old American actor who became popular for that 70’s show, Two and a Half Men. He has 11 past relationships in his dating profile and currently he has been in a relationship Mila Kunis from last 5 years. The relationship has been started in 2012 and they got married in 2015.

Current Ashton Kutcher Wife

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was born on 14th august, 1983. She is 33-year-old American actress. Their relationship started in 2012, got married in 2015 and now they are parents of 2 children.

Ashton Kutcher wife Mila Kunis

In short, they are enjoying their relationship. Ashton Kutcher has been in lots of relationship in his lifetime, but his marriage with Kunis shows that he never going to give up on this relationship.

Ashton Kutcher wife

They even once said each other that marrying is not a good idea. But one day after a year of the statement, he said let’s get married. They were thinking that movie shit never happens in a reality, but things started changing and now they are blessed with two babies.

Ex girlfriends of Aston Kutcher

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado was born on 2nd December 1978, Victoria. She is a 38-year-old Canadian Singer. She became popular for Whoa, Nelly! Before Ashton Kutcher became popular, he was in a relationship with Nelly. Nelly admitted to kissing him, but nothing more. According to some sources, he pranked her in a reality show prunk’d. No one knows when the relationship had actually started and ended.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was born on 2nd July 1986 in New York City. She is a 30-year-old American actress who became popular for Parent trap. During the time of the show, they hooked up.

Ashton Kutcher Lindsay Lohan

At the same time, he was hosting the show and was establishing his career. It was difficult dating the young actor, but Lohan dated Ashton Kutcher. Their relationship started in 2004 and ended in the same year.

Monet Mazur

Monet Mazur was born on 17th April 1976. Their relationship started 1995. They were teenagers when they started dating each other. They stayed in a relationship for a year and ended the relationship in 1996.

January Jones

In 1998, they started dating with each other. According to sources, Jones thought Ashton was a terrible boyfriend. Even she added he never supported her acting.

Ashton Kutcher January Jones

According to the interview, it seems things were not great between the couple, even though the relationship worked for 3 years. He replied that she will never be good at relationships. Finally, they ended the relationship in 2001.

Ashley Scott

Ashley Scott was born on 13th July 1977. She is a 39-year-old American Actress. After the breakup with January Jones, he dated with the Dark Angel actress Ashley Scott. The started dating each other in 2001, they stayed in a relationship for 9 months and broke up with each other.

Brittney Murphy

Brittney Murphy was born on 10tth November 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia. She passed away at the age of 32. She most remembered for her role in Clueless. Their relationship stated in 2003. Even there were rumors of their engagement. The relationship only worked for 5 months and they separated from each other.

Demi Moore

After stayed in a relationship for 2 years, Demi and Ashton got married. They started dating in March 2003, in 2 years 6 months their bond grew strong and they were really having a great relationship. On 24th September 2003, they got married.

Ashton Kutcher Demi More

It was the longest relationship of his life yet! They stayed in a relationship for 10 years. In November 2011, Ashton had high-profile affair with San Diego party girl Sara Leal. After the rumors, Demi decided to get divorced. In 27th November 2013, they ended the relationship with grace.

Britney Jones

Their relationship started in 2010. According to sources, Ashton was dating her when he already married to Demi.

Ashton Kutcher Britney Jones

The affair was hitting up the media in 2010. Even according to reports, they had couch sex. They were dating when Demi was out of town. Some sources proved that there was tap of their relationship.


Ashton Kutcher dating Rihanna

Rihana has born on 20th February 1988. She is 29 years old Barbadian Singer. The rumors were hitting up in 2012 that Rihanna was dating with Ashton Kutcher. When reporters asked about the relationship she denied their linkup.

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