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Don Cheadle Wife, Girlfriend 2018 – Who is he dating?


Don Cheadle Wife, Girlfriend 2018 – Who is he dating?

Do you want to know about Don Cheadle wife or girlfriend. Find his complete dating profile all the news related to past relationships as well as on screen matchups.

Don Cheadle wife

Don Cheadle Biography

Don Cheadle was born in Kansas, Missouri on November 29, 1964. His father was a clinical psychologist while his mother was a school teacher. Don’s family moved from place to place from he was just a child. His parents enrolled him at the East High School where he graduated from in 1982. Don joined the jazz band where he played the saxophone. He also sang in the choirs too during the time he was in high school. He later graduated with a BFA in acting from the California Institute of Arts.

Don is a writer, producer, director, and an actor. They say two heads are better than one and for Don, the proverb was in line. He collaborated with director Steven Soderbergh which resulted in the making of movies like The Rat Pack, Ocean’s Eleven, Traffic, Swordfish, Things Behind The Sun, Ocean’s Twelve, Reign Over Me, and Ocean Thirteen.
Don Cheadle has received numerous awards and recognition throughout his career. In 2005, he won the Academy Award for Best pictures for the movie Crash, which he co-produced. He also earned the Academy Award nomination for best actor for his role in the movie Hotel Rwanda. And featured in the movie House of Lies where he won the Golden Globe award in 2013.

Don and his fellow actor George Clooney were also presented the Summit Peace Award in Rome by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates for their work to prevent the genocide as well as relieve the suffering of the people of Darfur. The actor’s net worth is valued at $35 million dollars.

Don Cheadle Wife

Don Cheadle is currently dating Bridgid Coulter. Their union is also blessed with two kids.

Bridgid Coulter

Don Cheadle is one of the actors in Hollywood who has enjoyed a blissful relationship. Considering the fact that both celebrities are in Hollywood, they have been able to handle show business and relationship well. The handsome American actor started dating Bridgid Coulter since 1992. Don has been dating the sultry American actress for more than 25 years and still counting. The most interesting thing is that the couple also seems to be getting along well. The reason for their happiness could be because they have two beautiful daughters, Imani and Ayana.

don cheadle wife

Don and Bridgid’s relationship have been going on smoothly for a long time until rumors started making the rounds that the couple was having some marital issues. Though other celebrities had suffered the same fate, but Don and Bridgid’s bond is too strong to get destroyed so easily. The news that they had separated was just another rumor that didn’t happen. They are strong and closer together than ever before. Don is still not married to Bridgid even though the stars have been dating for quite a long time. Rumors that they got married secretly started spreading all over the internet, but there wasn’t any evidence to substantiate the claims.

Previous Girlfriend/Wife

There is no news about his previous relationships.

On Screen Matchups

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smitt and Don co-starred in the movie Reign Over Me. Jada played the role of Don’s wife in the movie but there was never any rumor that they dated off-screen.

Don Cheadle Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith is the wife of the famous American actor, Will Smith. She got married to Will in 1997. The multi-talented actress, singer, songwriter and dancer began her career in 1990. She featured in Sitcom True Colors and movies like A Different World, The Nutty Professor, Demon Knight, and other hit movies. Jada was born in Baltimore Maryland on September 18, 1971. Her marriage to Will Smith is blessed with two kids named Willow and Jaden.

Robinne Lee

Robinne Lee has also been an on-screen matchup with the Handsome American actor, Don Cheadle. The duo featured in the movie Hotel for Dogs. There was never any rumor that the two of them were having an affair. Their romantic story ended on-screen after the shooting of the movie in 2009.

Don Cheadle and Robinne Lee

Robinne Lee is an American actress who made screen debut in the 1990’s. She is a graduate of Columbia Law School, born on July 16, 1974. The sultry actress has featured in hit movies like National Security, Hitch, Deliver Us from Eva and Fifty Shades Darker.

Sophie Okonedo

Sophie Okonedo was also an on-screen matchup with Don Cheadle. They co-starred in the movie Hotel Rwanda. Their relationship was strictly on show business and not pleasure. There was no rumor claiming that the co-stars were dating at any point in time.


Sophia Okonedo is an English actress, born August 11, 1968. She started her acting career in 1991 and since then has received several nominations for her work, including an Academy Award nomination. Sophie has featured in several movies like Stephen Fears Dirty Things, Tsunami: The Aftermath, Skin, Criminal Justice and more. Sophie Okonedo has a daughter from her previous relationship.

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