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Logan Henderson Girlfriend, Wife 2017 – Who is he dating?


Logan Henderson Girlfriend, Wife 2017 – Who is he dating?

Find out more about current Logan Henderson girlfriend or wife. Check his complete dating life to know about all his relationships and ex girlfriends.

Logan Henderson Bio

Logan Phillip Henderson is a popular American actor and singer. The breakthrough in his life came when he enacted the role of Logan Mitchell for Nickelodeon series, Big Time Rush. His musical band – Big Time Rush Band – won many awards and created a sensation with their music.

Logan Henderson

Logan was born on 14th September 1989 in Texas. He moved on to California for pursuing his childhood dream of becoming an actor. Thanks to Big Rush Time TV series, Logan got to form a boy band and named it Big Rush Time Band. They signed a deal with Sony Music and Columbia Records. The band did some promotional songs which became superhit. Then they came out with their debut album B.T.R.

It got featured at number 3 spot on the Billboard and number 1 on iTunes digital album list. He was the lyricist of most of the songs that they came out with. Henderson had a split with the band and came out with his single debut song “Sleepwalker” recently in 2017, and it became a major hit.

In spite of being a member of an active music band, he took his time to do acting about which he is always very passionate. That is exactly why he acted in TV series Marvin Marvin(2013), Big Time Movie(2012) and The Penguins Of Madagascar(2015).

Current Logan Henderson Girlfriend or Wife

Logan Henderson is currently single, but he has been linked with a few heavyweight celebrities. Girls have a tendency of going crazy over rock stars and members of music bands. Naturally, Logan was linked with several high-profile celebrities. Even though he split up with his last girlfriend Makenzie last year, they were still spotted together quite a few times after their breakup. There are some rumors that they are still together and that they will get married. Their split up was to divert the attention of the media. The suspense couple keeps saying that they are single at present.

Previous Relationships of Logan Henderson

Erin Sanders

Erin and Logan sizzled on the screen as a couple in TV series Big Time Rush. Their chemistry was always talked about. They were rumored to be a real-life couple in 2010 though they always denied the rumors.

Logan Henderson Erin Sanders

When the entire cast went on a trip, the couple was caught kissing and making out on the beach. Whether that was for the rehearsal of the TV series or a sudden rise of real emotion was never disclosed. Every time they showed up at an event together for promotion, they looked more than just friends or co-stars.

Britt Robertson

In 2011, actress Britt Robertson started dating Logan, and their relationship was always in an up and down state.

Logan Henderson Britt Robertson

They had a mixed relationship for nearly one year trying to adjust themselves to all the differences, but it did not last after a year when they fell apart and went their separate ways.

Demi Lovato

Logan is considered to be responsible for the split up of Demi and Wilmer temporarily in 2012. Demi grew a wild crush on him, and when they finally met, she could not resist herself falling for him. They were caught making out in one New York City hotel. The couple also appeared together for Big Time Rush premiere. Demi and Logan got all the media attentions they wanted when they were together. Soon the sweet couple fell apart, and Wilmer was back in her life.

Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice was a Nickelodeon star, and through a common link, Logan met her. They were very comfortable with each other’s presence.

Logan Henderson Victoria Justice

They used to pretend like celebrity couple though they always maintained to be good friends and nothing more. It is always questionable in the celebrity world when they say good friends and not just friends. She even went to tour with Logan for his band in 2013.

Katelyn Tarver

She started dating her co-star from Big Time Rush Logan Henderson early in the year of 2014. They started posting couple photos on social media, went on a trip and were caught kissing in restaurants and clubs.

But it was only a matter of few months that they dated each other. Later in the year, she got married to David Blaise and Logan with the entire cast of Big Time Rush attended her wedding.

Makenzie Vega

Logan started dating the gorgeous American actress Makenzie back in 2014. They were all over each other and could be seen kissing in public places very often. Logan met her through his Big Time Rush cast mate Carlos PenaVega. He is married to Makenzie’s elder sister Alexa PenaVega.

Logan Henderson Makenzie Vega

They were seen attending several events together during their relationship tenure. The cute couple suddenly broke up in April 2016, and the reason is unclear. That is exactly why media started speculating that their split up was fake as they were seen together quite cozy with each other on several occasions post their breakup.

Logan Henderson is a dashing guy, and he claims to be single since May 2016. He has been spotted hangout out with some mystery girls since then. Hopefully, in the near future, Logan will meet his soulmate and start settling down in life.

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