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Nash Grier Girlfriend 2018 – Who is He Dating?


Nash Grier Girlfriend 2018 – Who is He Dating?

Nash Grier current girlfriend is Taylor Giavasis. Know more about their relationship as well as Nash’s complete dating profile.

Nineteen years old Nash Grier famed for Viner is an internet star with millions of followers. The blue-eyed teenager starred in a movie ‘The Outfielder’, has an unassuming enviable love life with his current girlfriend Taylor Giavasis.

Nash Grier Biography

Nash Grier is 28 December 1997 born and raised in North Carolina. He has one younger brother Hayes who posts in Vine and older brother Will Grier is a quarterback in West Virginia Mountaineers.

Nash Grier girlfriend

Nash Grier’s success story began from Davidson Day school when mobile app Vine was launched by Twitter, a social media platform with short video posting option of 6-second to be shared with others. In 2013, he began posting comedy videos for his friends that began to attract many on his account.

Today he has more than 9 million followers. He earns substantially, as big companies post on his Vine platform for advertising their products. He joined a touring group of youngsters Magcon (Meet & Greet convention), idea was to interact with the fans and followers who would not miss an opportunity to meet the internet personalities.

During that convention in Iceland, girls got the news of his presence and more than 5000 girls beelined for him in a mall and got the blue-eyed boy to have selfies with them. Despite his age, the list of his girlfriend is jealously long.

Nash Grier Career

Nash Grier is a face of youngsters today who rise in popularity through internet and software. This American teenager is a famous vlogger and Vine star. It is heard in trade circle that his net worth is more than $3 million. A self-taught video blogger, Nash is followed by millions on social media platform and video platforms.

He is just nineteen and has a great future ahead. His female fan following is amazing, wherever he goes, he is thronged by hordes of females who want to have look on this blue-eyed youngster. His popularity is no less than the top Hollywood stars, the mega stars can escape the gazer’s eyes, but Nash can’t, as his army of followers are everywhere. Probably sometime in his life, he will settle down by marrying someone, right now he is out for fun, followers, girlfriends, and money.

Nash Grier girlfriend

  • Girlfriend name: Taylor Giavasis
  • Started dating in the year: 2016
  • Engaged: No, but rumors say he got engaged to Taylor Giavasis in 2017.
  • Married: No
  • Children: No

Nash Grier and Taylor Giavasis

Nash Grier has confessed publicly that he is currently dating Taylor Giavasis and is in complete love with her. In a message on Instagram Grier confirmed his year long relationship, a photo of them being on the beach also was posted there. Although previously when asked about his love with her, he bypassed with a diplomatic answer.

He had said that they are just good friend, and love is not easy to find these days. ‘Tongue in cheek’ he showed his happiness on one year of time they been together was very good. Then he had laughed on the question about his dating with Taylor. There were some intimate photos that lied about their actual relationship.

Nash Grier girlfriend

Nash was hesitant about jumping into love pool and said that he hates those who fall in love with a purpose to exploit or gain something. He was idealistic about perfect love. But the heart doesn’t understand the language eloquence, soon they fell in love with each other.

Nash Grier Past relationships

Princess Lauren

Princess Lauren or Lauren Giraldo is a famous Vine star with 3 million followers. A well-known Instagram and YouTube personality with 600,000 and 370,000 followers respectively. Her mother works in a children’s hospital while her sister Kristina is a Vine star herself. She confessed about their dating with Nash Grier in early 2013.

Nash Grier dating

Though Nash denied that in public, it is assumed based on Lauren’s confession, that there was something hanging in the air called love between them.

Anastasia Karanikolaou

Anastasia is a good friend of Kylie Jenner of famous Jenner family.


There were certain fire sparks between them in 2014 indicated by Emoji by Nash on her Instagram posts that they are dating, though not in public eye but behind the curtains. If some close sources are to be believed their love affair was short-lived, but it was there for sure.

Kylie Jenner

A reality television star Kylie Jenner is a famous socialite, fashion designer, and model. She worked along the clothing brand PacSun with her sister Kendell and created their own line ‘Kendell & Kylie’. She was born on 10th August 1997, her dating with Nash was a foregone conclusion, as Anastasia and Kylie were good friends. His presence at her place on her birthday is one news that keeps people convinced there was love in the air.

Kylie is among the 10 top Instagram celebrities with huge numbers of followers. In 2015 she launched her cosmetic products ‘Kylie Cosmetics’ and a bestselling app ‘iTunes App Store’. She is a successful businesswoman now. But her love union with Nash Grier could not last long, as both teenagers had been busy with their own field of works.

Dating timeline

Nash is young, but has managed to date a few very beautiful women. This is the dating timeline from her current girlfriend to his ex girlfriends. Currently, he seems to be very happy with Taylor Giavasis. In June 2017 Nash Grier went on a vacation with Taylor Giavasis and shared some beautiful pictures on Instagram.

  • Taylor Giavasis: Current Girlfriend in 2017
  • Anastasia Karanikolaou: In 2014, Nash was posting lot of pics with this girl and also commenting on her pictures on Instagram. This lead to rumors of him dating Anastasia Karanikolaou.
  • Lauren Giraldo: Started dating in 2013 and maybe brokeup the same year.
  • Kylie Jenner: Nash Grier and Kylie Jenner exchanged very flirty tweets on Valentine’s Day in 2013.
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