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Sean Faris Girlfriend, Wife in 2017


Sean Faris Girlfriend, Wife in 2017

Sean Faris girlfriend currently is Cherie Jimenez, the couple is engaged and will be married soon. Also, check out his complete dating and relationship history.

Sean Faris Biography

Sean Faris is an American Actor, producer and model. He is known for his performances in Never Back Down, The king fighter and Forever Strong. Born in Texas, Faris attended Barbizon Modeling and Acting school in Cleveland.

Sean Faris

He moved to California to become an Actor and has been in Los Angeles ever since. He started his modeling career at a very young age. Faris then moved on to do television shows. Initial television days for Sean were not as rewarding as his modeling career. ‘The Life as we know it’ and ‘reunion’ were his first two shows which got canceled even before their first season was completed. He then started working for ‘Yours, Mine and Ours’, Sleepover and Alexa Vega.

He was nominated for Young Hollywood awards in the year 2004. Sean became a producer and also starred in ‘Manifest Destiny’ a short film. He was a model and appeared on the front cover of Men’s Health Magazine in 2010 January Issue. It went on to be the highest-selling issue for the year. He is also the voice behind the character of Jack Rourke for the video game-Need for Speed: The Run launched in the year 2011. He was also reported to the part of the CW Supernatural spin-off, Supernatural Bloodline, but it never took-off.

Sean Faris girlfriend or wife

Sean Faris has been lucky in finding a lovely partner and has not been single ever. He has also been open about his relationships and is a generous lover. He is currently dating Cherie Jimenez. The rumors of their affair started when the couple was seen together at events. The fans started following their social media platforms as they were always curious to know more about them.

Sean Faris girlfriend

In May 2015 Cherie posted a picture of them together on her Instagram profile which was from a Baseball game they had attended. The Return was made in June when Sean acknowledged the fun and adventure he feels when around Cherie, by posting a picture of them together on a beach. It was just the start and then the fans got an eyeful of them posting and expressing their love for each other.

They have been open about the relationship after the public acceptance through social media and the couple is now engaged. The Wedding ceremony or any such related information has not been surfaced. But this is not the first time Sean is been this close to someone. The fans, however, love seeing them together and are excited about the prospect of these two getting together in a ceremony.

Ex Girlfriend List of Sean Faris

Breanne Racano

Sean Faris was dating Breanne Racano in the year 2009. Like his other affairs, Sean was open about his relationship with Breanne. The couple even got engaged and the Town was just waiting for the announcement of the D-day.

Sean Faris and Breanne Racano

They were all set to tie the knot when the news came which shocked the fans and broke their heart that the couple broke up. In May 2011 the couple parted ways for unknown reasons.

Amber Heard

This handsome bachelor definitely had a fair share with the beauties of the Town. He briefly was dating his co-star from Never Back Down- Amber Head. The couple was young when they met and they were enjoying the high in their career. The shoots became fun for them both and their love and compatibility could be seen on screen as well.

Sean Faris Amber Heard

It was, however, one of those short lived high talked about affair as the couple parted ways too soon. They did not even stay together for a year. Later Amber Heard got engaged to Johnny Depp which was then rumored to the reason behind the breakup. There is no definite information as many also believe that they were both young and just enjoyed each other company which was not to last long anyways. The couple has moved on and Sean is still in the search where Amber has seemed to have found her way.

Kate Upton

Sean become a model at the age of 12, ever since he has been seen dating the gorgeous models from his groups. It is not uncommon for models and actors to get involved or rumored to get involved with their co-stars, but this one seems to be confident and expressive about it. The affair with Kate Upton, however, did not get much acceptance from Sean Faris himself. He never openly expressed his love and there was no public display, which does not mean there was no fire. The couple was spotted spending time with each other when they were working together and enjoyed each other’s company. The affair was short-lived and the couple was never seen again, but they are still friends.

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