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Stephen Amell Wife, Girlfriend – Who is he married to?


Stephen Amell Wife, Girlfriend – Who is he married to?

Stephen Amell wife name is Cassandra Jean. The couple is happily married and blessed with a daughter. Also, check about Stephen Amell ex girlfriends.

About Stephen Amell

Stephen Amell was born on 8th May, 1981. He was born in Toronto, Canada to Sandra Anne and Thomas J Amell. He also happens to be the first cousin of the actor Robbie Amell.

Stephen Amell

Stephen grew up in Toronto and attended St. Andrews College. After he finished college Stephen began his journey in the film world in 2004. He started off with the television and the first show that he appeared was the fourth season of the Tele series Queer As Folk. He also played a role in the Tele series Dante’s Cove. In his initial days Stephen won the Gemini Award for his guest appearance in ReGenesis.

Stephen Amell did a lot of TV series and he had a recurring role in the popular series called Heartland. While he was busy doing various TV series he got an offer in a film called The Tracy Fragments in 2010 where he played a detective in this film. Stephen also got casted for another film called Closing The Ring in the same year. He played the role of teddy Gordon in the movie.

He has done two short films and in one of them he has also been the executive producer. Stephen Amell is continuing with his work in Television as well as films. The latest film of his that got released was in 2016. It is a sequel of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. Presently he is acting in the TV series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow that started in 2016. He has offered his voice to two video games called Injustice: Gods Among Us and Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Stephen Amell has been nominated for eighteen awards for his performances in TV and he has won five of them.

Current Stephen Amell wife 2017

Stephen Amell is currently married to Cassandra Jean Whitehead. The couple also has a daughter who was born in 2013. Their daughter Mavi is now 3 years old. Cassandra Jean Whitehead was born on 5th October 1983. She is an American model and actress who took part in various beauty pageants and won Miss Houston Teen USA in 2003, and Miss Corpus Christi in 2004. Cassandra also took part in the America’s Next Top Model.

Stephen Amell wife

Very little is known about how Stephen Amell met Cassandra Jean. But the two love birds got married in 2012 while they were on vacation in the beautiful Caribbean. The couple exchanged vows on the Christmas day. Later on they decided to throw a party for all their friends and families. So they got married for the second time in New Orleans, Louisiana sometime in 2013.

Stephen Amell Cassandra Jean Whitehead kid

Their daughter Mavi was born in October 2013 and together they became one of the most successful couples in Hollywood. Stephen and Cassandra are going strong and raising their daughter in Los Angeles. They are also considered to be one of the most dynamic duos in Hollywood too.

The pictures on various social media platforms show how adorable family they have. Stephen is undoubtedly a loving husband and a caring father. While Cassandra was popular for her appearances in various beauty pageants, nowadays she is better known for her relationship status. She is quite frequent on social media and keeps posting adorable pictures of her beautiful family.

Ex girlfriend of wives

It seems Stephen Amell is the perfect gentleman who is quite unlike his counterparts in Hollywood. This man of his words is happily married and the media or the Hollywood grapevines do not have any news of any past girlfriends, relationships of wives. There are not even rumors about any hooks ups or break ups about this man. However in one of his interviews to Bullett Media when he was asked if he has ever dated a student he confirmed.

In his early twenties when he was in his spin class he met this girl who was his instructor. However he never told who this girlfriend was. He even confirmed that he was in a long term relationship before and he has changed a lot as a person since then. Stephen also said that he was once heartbroken when this long term relationship ended quite abruptly.

Amanda Seyfried

Stephen went on saying that he had a crush on Amanda Seyfried although he has never met her.

Kat Graham

He also had a crush on his co star Kat Graham from the Vampire Diaries. He was working with her on Vampire Diaries and they even met three four times when he told Kat about his crush on her.

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