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Chris Hemsworth Wife, Girlfriend 2017 – Who is he dating?


Chris Hemsworth Wife, Girlfriend 2017 – Who is he dating?

Chris Hemsworth wife name is Elsa Pataky and they have been married since 2010. Check more about his dating life, relationships and ex girlfriends.

Chris Hemsworth is currently married to actress Elsa Pataky whom he dated for a short time. The celebrity couple got married in 2010 and currently has three children together.

Chris Hemsworth

Brief about Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is a famous Australian actor born in Melbourne on August 11, 1983. His father, Craig was a social service counselor while his mother was an English teacher. Chris Hemsworth has three siblings. The three of them are boys and are also into acting. He attended Heathmont Secondary College before taking up minor roles in television shows.

Chris Hemsworth is a talented actor who gives everything to his job. In 2004, he featured in the popular Australian TV series Home and Away. The year 2011 was a very happy and an unforgettable year for the superstar. He made a name for himself in 2011 by playing the Marvel comic book character, Thor. Hemsworth said he beat out his brother Liam to win the role in the movie Thor.

Chris Hemsworth Thor

The 6’2″ tall actor’s ability to pull big movie crowd especially female fans has helped him to land other roles besides Thor. This can be credited to the actor’s chiseled good looks. He has also starred in other blockbusters like Star Trek Into Darkness, Snow White, and the Huntsman. The talented actor also went on to work with Ron Howard an iconic director for the movie Rush. He also teamed up with Ron Howard again for the movie In the Heart of the Sea. He also stars in the summer comedy Vacation produced in 2015.

Chris Hemsworth has featured in several movies. The A-list actor featured in movies such as Blackhat, Ghostbusters, A Perfect Getaway, Red Dawn, Avengers: Age of Ultron. The charming actor is also set to star in the movie Thor: Ragnarok which is scheduled for release in 2017. The Australian-born actor is one of the richest actors in Hollywood with a net worth of $71 million dollars. He was a household name in his country while featuring in the drama series “Home and Away.”

Chris Hemsworth Wife

Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky are not just dating but married. Their first meeting was in 2010 after meeting through their representatives. Their love was made in heaven. They got married officially in December 2010 and had their first child together as a couple in 2012.

Chris Hemsworth wife

Their child, a baby girl was named Indian Rose. She was born in London, England. The couple is also blessed with twin boys Sasha and Tristan. Pataky and Hemsworth share a strong bond. Even though they didn’t date for long before getting married, their love is still very strong.

Previous Girlfriend of Chris Hemsworth

Isabel Lucas

There is an old adage that says everyone has a type when it comes to dating and Chris proved it right with his new found love Isabel Lucas. The duo has featured in films like Red Dawn, and Home and Away. Their relationship and dating rumor started making the rounds after they starred together on Home and Away.

Chris Hemsworth Isabel Lucas

They started dating in 2005 and broke up in 2008. The chemistry between the duo co-stars was so strong off and onscreen. However, the reason for their breakup is unknown. They both moved to LA after leaving the soap, Home and Away. Isabel and Hemsworth are still maintained their friendship after splitting.

Amy Mathews

Amy Mathews and Chris Hemsworth have featured in several movies where they acted as husband and wife. This is the perfect on screen matchup. According to Amy, their smooches were boring because they do it in front of other people holding things.

Chris Hemsworth Amy Mathews

The screen goddess, who featured in Home and Away and has done love scenes with co-star Hemsworth, has kissed the actor several times. Well, that was just in the movies but in real life, they are just close friends.

Amy Mizzi

Amy Mizzi is one of the actresses linked with Hemsworth. She featured in the last episode of Home and Away where she became pregnant with the baby of Kim, played by Chris Hemsworth. They both featured in romantic scenes in the movie but that is what it is meant to be. Their onscreen relationship was romantic but not much was said about their relationship in real life.

Anna Hutchison

Anna Hutchison was also one of Chris Hemsworth’s on-screen matchups. They both acted in the 2012 movie, The Cabin in the Woods. Amy Mizzi is an Australian-born actress. She was born in Bateau Bay, New South Wales, Australia on July 21, 1983.

Charlotte Riley

Charlotte Rilley and Chris Hemsworth both featured in the movie “In The Heart Of The Sea.” Charlotte, though she was married to Tom Hardy left him at home to join Hemsworth and director Ron Howard in the London premiere of their movie. Her relationship with Hemsworth is professional.

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