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Dermot Mulroney Wife 2017


Dermot Mulroney Wife 2017

Dermot Mulroney wife name is Tharita Catulle and they are happily married since 2008. Also, know about his past relationships with his ex girlfriend or wife.

Dermot Mulroney Bio

Dermot Mulroney is an American actor who starred in films like My Best Friend’s Wedding, Samatha and About Schmidt. He was born in Alexandria, Virginia on 31st October, 1963. After graduating from Northwestern University in 1985 Mulroney started his career as an actor. His first stint as an actor was for a TV film called “Sin of Innocence”.

Dermot Mulroney wife

However he got his first big break in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” starring opposite Julia Roberts. Apart from this film he was appreciated and established as an actor in films like The Last Outlaw and Young Guns. Dermot Mulroney has also done shows on TV and has appeared as one of Rachael’s boyfriend in the famous TV serial Friends. His character was called Gavin Mitchell. Dermot has carefully selected the films that would suit his style of acting and establish him as a Hollywood actor. He has acted in comedy, drama and even a horror movie.

The actor is accomplished cellist and has even played cello in the movie Samatha. He is known for his score as a cellist in the soundtrack of Mission Impossible III, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol and Start Trek. In his long career as an actor, Dermot Mulroney has created a place for himself in the prestigious galaxy of Hollywood stars. Today his net worth is a whopping nine million dollars and it is on a steep rise with his increasing fees in his upcoming movies and TV shows.

Dermot Mulroney wife 2017

It seems that Dermot Mulroney is a man of great discipline and honor. After he became an actor Dermot has had only two affairs that turned in marriage. His current wife is Tharita Catulle. As per the news Mulroney and Catulle are happily married since 2008. They also have two beautiful daughters – the elder one is Mabel ray Mulroney and the younger one is Sally Mulroney.

Dermot Mulroney wife

A gentleman as he is, Dermot Mulroney is also known to be a devoted husband to his wife and the couple shares a very private and intimate relationship. Since their marriage in 2008 there were no rumors about Dermot having any alleged affairs, except that he is completely in love with his beautiful wife Tharita Catulle.

About Tharita Catulle

Little has been known about this beauty with brown hair and an impressive model like figure. Tharita Catulle likes to keep a private life and seldom would be seen under the spotlights of Hollywood. Everyone in Hollywood is quite curious about this elegant lady. However Tharita Catulle is a private person and keeps a low profile.

After Mulroney got divorced from his first wife, he announced his second marriage. However, they had a very private affair and did not want any hype for their marriage. No one even knows about the story of how and they these two lovebirds met. Their first daughter was born in April 2008 and the younger one was born next year in 2009. So it seems that Dermot and Tharita were having a relationship while he was still married to his first wife Catherine Keener. Nonetheless the couple had kept mum about any news about their personal life.

Dermot Mulroney Ex girlfriend or wife

Before Dermot was married to his second wife Tharita Catulle, he was married to Catherine Keener. Dermot met Catherine Kenner in 1987 on the sets of a movie named Survival Quest which was released in 1989. Catherine Kenner is an actress herself and was also working on that project. The two grew close and fond of each other and thus eventually exchanged vows in 1990.

Dermot Mulroney Catherine Keener

Dermot was devoted to his wife and together they welcomed their son Clyde Keener Mulroney in the year 1999. However things did not turn out as expected and in 2005 the couple separated and filed for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences. Going by the stats of Hollywood marriages this one lasted quite long for 16 years. The divorce took long to get settled and finally in 2007 Dermot and Catherine were divorced.

About Catherine Keener

Catherine Kenner is an accomplished actress herself and has been nominated twice for the prestigious Academy Awards for her parts in Being John Malkovich and Capote. Catherine is 4 years elder to Dermot and she was 31 years old when she married Mulroney. She has worked both in films and TV with equally versatility. Her long career span along with numerous films has earned her respect and recognition as an actress who has been nominated for Oscars. She has produced films and currently working on a number of projects. Dermot and Catherine’s son Clyde is now a handsome young man of 18 years.

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