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Chris Pratt Girlfriend, Wife 2017 – Who is he dating?


Chris Pratt Girlfriend, Wife 2017 – Who is he dating?

Know who Chris Pratt girlfriend is and who is he dating or the name of his wife and about his married life. We list the complete love life and affairs of this actor.

Chris Pratt Bio

Christopher Michael Pratt, popularly known as Chris Pratt, is a popular American actress. His life is a perfect rag to rich story in Hollywood. Pratt was born on 21st June 1979 in Virginia, US.

Chris Pratt

He was good at wrestling and excelled at it. But a bad turn came in his life when he went to college and his family could not support his academic expense. Under financial crisis, he became a ticket salesman and ended up homeless and spent several months in a van and a tent.

But the table turned for his fortune when he met director Rae Dawn Chong who saw something in him and cast him in her directorial debut movie Cursed Part 3. After that, he did several side roles in TV series. Then Chris slowly moved on to do supporting roles in mainstream movies like Wanted, Money Ball, Delivery Man and Her. But there on, his success knew no boundary. He was the lead actor in Avatar which is the most successful movies of all time. Guardians Of The Galaxy and Jurassic World had him as the leading actor.

Since his success came quite late which is around 2013-2014 period, he did not have much luck with the ladies. But the fact is that even after being a successful actor in the last few years, he has maintained his married life perfectly well. Even though sudden linkup rumors do make his wife Anna Farris insecure at times, yet their married life is smooth and stronger than ever.

Chris Pratt Girlfriend Or Wife

Chris Pratt has been happily married to actress Anna Farris for eight long years now though occasional linkup rumors can be heard.

Chris Pratt wife

When most of the actors lose themselves among ladies after their success, Chris is an exception and he values family over everything else. They met each other on the set of Take Me Home Tonight. Contrary to the name of the movie, he took her home forever. It was love at first sight and in a year’s time, they got engaged. The year later, on 9th July 2009, the couple got married in Bali, Indonesia. Their chemistry is seen as a perfect example in Hollywood fraternity to follow and learn from. They set true relationship goals for actors and actresses who get lost in their relationships and never find peace in anyone.

Chris Pratt Anna Faris

In August 2012, they had their only son Jack Pratt which further strengthened their bond as both value family and they are living in Hollywood Hills, California. In their eight years of married life and a few years of dating and relationship before that, they had to deal with rumors of break-up and link-up with other celebs. But through thick and thin, they held on to each other and both consider themselves lucky for having one another.

Dating profile of Chris Pratt

Emily VanCamp

Emily was Chris Pratt’s first serious relationship. They were part of WB’s Everwood and were playing the roles of brother and sister. It was less of a love at first sight and they started dating to check their compatibility.

Chris Pratt Emily VanCamp

After that, they went full throttle and continued their relationship for 2 long years without any ups and downs. But in June 20016, the couple fell apart due to busy work schedules and went their separate ways.

Anna Hathaway

Chris was linked with Anna Hathaway and they met on the set of Bride Wars.

Chris Pratt Anne Hathaway

They were seen together on several occasions even after the release of the movie but nothing really transpired eventually as the media speculated beforehand. Furthermore, during the same time, Chris got engaged to Anna to end all speculations once and for all.

Bryce Dallas Howard

Chris Pratt was reported to have gone gaga on Bryce who was his co-star in Jurassic World. It sparked many controversies and the on-screen couple shared a strong chemistry in the movie and were seen hanging out.

Chris Pratt Bryce Dallas Howard

As both of them were married, their so-called fling did not last long. They will reunite again for the next movie of Jurassic World.

Jennifer Lawrence

Recently, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence sat down for an interview to promote their movie Passengers and it seems pretty clear that Jennifer has a huge crush on Chris.

Chris Pratt Jennifer Lawrence

She also confessed that she is jealous of their relationship. Her statement sparked controversies and soon it spread like wildfire. They were very cozy especially on Jennifer’s part that made Chris’s wife Anna quite insecure. She had to talk it out with Chris and realized it was merely a media creation.

Chris Pratt is a perfect example to look up to and set relationship goals for all Hollywood actors. Eight years and running, Chris Pratt and Anna Farris are truly made for each other. However, Chris needs to be careful as his success can consume his brain completely.

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