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Zayn Malik Girlfriend, Wife in 2017 – Who is he Dating?


Zayn Malik Girlfriend, Wife in 2017 – Who is he Dating?

Know the true story about Zayn Malik girlfriend or wife in 2017 and who is he currently dating. Also, get a glimpse of all his known past relationships.

Zayn Malik Bio

Zayn Malik is one of the most popular British singers at present. His journey started through the famous music competition show The X Factor where he started as a solo artist. After his elimination, he was brought back to form a boy band which later became the world-famous band One Direction. All the members of the band got huge recognition, but somehow Zayn Malik stood out.

Zayn Malik

Zayn always had a knack for music, and he was born in Bradford, England on 12th January 1993. He used to perform in his school regularly and started writing musical lyrics. He shared the stage with Jay Sean when he came to perform in his school event. Before he started pursuing music, he had no idea what to become in life. They did boxing training for two years and had a feeling that he would become an English teacher.

Zayn was eliminated in the final round of the show The X Factor but judges Simon Cowell, and Nicole put the eliminated singers together to form the band, and they finished third in the competition. Soon after, Simon signed a deal with them to a record contract and soon after, they received a contract from Columbia Records. Their first single song What Makes You Beautiful made them a phenomenon across the globe. The success story continued in their subsequent albums as well.

On 25th March 2015, Zayn dropped the bombshell when he said that he had left the band forever. He started his solo career, and the first song from his first solo album established him. When the album was released, it topped all the international charts, and he replaced some of the best of his time like Justin Bieber. Recently, Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik collaborated for the title song of Fifty Shades Darker movie.

Zayn Malik Girlfriend Or Wife in 2017

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

He is currently in a serious relationship with the supermodel Gigi Hadid. Zayn is not only talented, but also has an awesome personality. His female fans slightly outweigh the male fans. Zayn has been in many relationships even since he became popular. His current girlfriend is Gigi Hadid who is the most sought after supermodel in the entire world.

Zayn Malik Girlfriend

She has the biggest following on Instagram. Recently, they posted shocking intimate photos of their bedroom, and they are one of the most powerful couples in the world because both of them are at the peak of their popularity.

Zayn Malik Gigi Hadid

The most talked about couple started dating each other in July 2016 when Gigi split with Joe Jonas, and their relationship is getting stronger day by day with numerous public display of affections. He cast her in his video song “Pillowtalk” as well.

Previous Relationships of Zayn Malik

Cher Llyod

Zayn and Cher started dating in 2010 when they participated in The X factor. They were merely 17 then and shared a kiss on camera in front of other contestants and live audience.

Zyan Malik Cher Llyod

But the sweet couple maintained that they never dated each other or were in any relationship just to make sure they did not break the house rules of the X Factor show.

Geneva Lane

Zayn also dated the X Factor fellow contestant Geneva for a month and then dumped her suddenly. She took to social media to ambush Zayn and embarrass him publicly.

Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson is 6 years elder of Zayn, and he was merely 18 when they started dating. She was also a fellow contestant on the X Factor.

Zayn Malik Rebecca Ferguson

They got a huge much of attention from the media due to their age difference. They broke up peacefully and always maintained a positive attitude for one another.

Perrie Edwards

Perrie Edwards was also a contestant on the X Factor but they belonged to different seasons. When the couple met for the first time, they fell in love. After initial dating sessions, they confessed their relationship in November 2011. The love birds used to stay together in Zayn’s house and the band One Direction was starting to become a worldwide phenomenon. On 18th August 2013, the cute couple announced their engagement after nearly 2 years of live-in relationship.
Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards

But even since then, the relationship had not been as smooth as it was before. News of Zayn hooking up with random girls and leaked photos circulated everywhere. Perrie realized that Zayn had completely lost interest in her and they broke up permanently on 4th August 2015. Zayn has not given any details yet as to why they broke up which naturally makes him the guilty person.

Courtney Webb

Courtney is an Australian waitress and stripper. She has been the most controversial figure in Zayn’s relationship career. The two met in a nightclub and Zayn invited her to his home where he stayed with Perrie.

They had the ride on the bed, and she shared his shirtless photos on social media and sparked a controversy that he cheated on Perrie and had a one-night stand with Webb.

Apart from these, he has also been linked with singers like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Zayn is merely 24 and has a long road ahead of him. Given his past record, he is in no mood to progress in his relationship career though he is presently residing with Gigi. Hopefully, they will be a couple forever, but once someone is a celebrity, nothing is certain.

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