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Who is Jack Black Wife: Married Life and Kids


Who is Jack Black Wife: Married Life and Kids

Jack Black is presently living a happy life with his wife, Tanya Haden. They have been married for about 11 years and have two kids.

Jack Black Biography

Thomas Jacob Black or Jack Black as you know, was born on 28th August in 1969 in Hermosa Beach in CA.

Jack Black

He is of American origin and is a popular actor and comedian and is also noted for his talent as a musician and record producer. He had his schooling properly but was dropped out of college. Performing arts is his real love and he also knows how to play instruments like: percussion, guitar, keyboard etc.

He has also done many films which have been critically acclaimed and appreciated like: The Holiday, School of Rock, Jumanji, Goosbumps, Margot at the Wedding, Shallow Hal etc.

Jack Black Wife in 2017

After the break-up with his long time girlfriend, Laura, Jack met and fell in love with Tanya Haden. The entire process of love, proposal, engagement, wedding, baby etc. was carried on too swiftly almost with military discipline.

Jack Black wife

The extreme hurriedness was questioned about by people but then again the fact that the couple has been able to be together for about 11 years, in itself proves that the decision was not arbitrary or a whimsical one. Rather the decision was a conscious one with known consequences.

Tanya Haden also belongs to America and is a musician by profession. She was born to Charlie Haden who is a famous persona on 11th of October in 1971 in the city of New York.

Jack Black Married life

The couple met in 2005 just after Jack and Laurel separated and within no time the proposal was made and Tanya was engaged to Jack on 12th January, 2006. Within a span of two months, these two decided to exchange their vows and hence on 14th March in 2006, these two were hitched. Rumors do the round that they eloped in order to get married to one another, but no such reasons were there do so as they were already engaged and vowed to be each others.

Jack Black and Tanya Haden with kids

Just after a few months of marriage, the couple was blessed with a child on 10th June. They named the boy Samuel Jason. Within the gap of two years in 2008, again another new member knocked their door and it was also a boy. Thomas David, their second son celebrates his birthday on 23rd May. These two children complete both Jack and Tanya and bear the stamp of their love.

The fact that the husband-wife duo is still together in an era, where divorce is a common practice is a commendable matter. And that too after getting out from a long term relation points at strength of Jack and hints at the connection that these two share.

It has been eleven long years and it is expected and wished that more such years will come and pass. Another say is there that the two first met each other when they were teens and were unaware what they were meant to be but with passage of time, two adults met and their love story kick started.

Ex Girlfriend or Relationships of Jack Black

It can be said that Jack is more or less consistent in his relations. Apart from two other ladies, his name was not related to any other affair or flings whatsoever. Though the exact reasons of these fall-outs are not known yet the presence of these ladies in this lad’s life cannot be denied.

Kathy Griffin

Though the time and the length of the relation between these two is under cover yet the fact that these two dated each other is for certain. Kathy has always been open about her relation with Jack and in her memoir also she has spilled some past, personal experience which she had with Jack and called it to be a “gross affair”.

Jack Black and Kathy Griffin

Kathy was born in 1960 on November 4 in Illinois and she was a popular comic of American origin. She used to act in Suddenly Susan and was popular as Vicki.

Laura Kightlinger

The relationship between Laura and Jack suffered an unfortunate ending. They were together since 1997 and dated each other till 2005 but then the couple split.

Jack Black and Laura Kightlinger

Though the reason behind this fissure is not known yet it is true that Jack recovered pretty fast from the pain of breakup of such a long term relation, eight year long. They were madly in love and made quite a few public appearances together in their happy time but this happiness did not last long and soon they bid adieus to their relation.

Laura is a fellow comedian and actress who were born on 13th of June in 1969. She is also an American citizen as she was born in US’s Jamestown.

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