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Jackson Rathbone Wife: Who is He Married To?


Jackson Rathbone Wife: Who is He Married To?

Do you want to know who is Jackson Rathbone married to? His current wife is Shelia Hafsadi and have two kids, one son and a daughter.

Jackson Rathbone Biography

Monroe Jackson Rathbone V, popularly known as Jackson Rathbone, is a handsome America actor. He was born in Singapore. Apart from his talent in acting, he is also a musician.

Jackson Rathbone

He rose to fame after playing his character Jasper Hale in the Twilight series movies. During his childhood, he had to live in different countries because of his father’s job requirements. He began early as an actor and started playing different roles in local theater.

He was also interested in taking part in musical theater acts. Jackson went to Interlochen Arts Academy to do a major in acting. He was intending to continue with his musical endeavors but later went to Los Angeles and pursued his passion in acting.

Jackson Rathbone Career

Initially, he started as an interviewer where he interviewed new talents in a TV program named Disney 411. Then he started doing side roles in different movies and none of them were enough to make him get noticed or to create an impact. In 2005, he got the leading role in ABC Family’s TV series Beautiful People. Though he was not ready for the role, he agreed to do it to get attention and better roles. Subsequently, he was part of popular TV series Criminal minds.

Jackson Rathbone twilight

But his major breakthrough came in 2008 when he was cast in Twilight to play the role of Jasper Hale. The character continued for 4 consecutive Twilight movies and letting him have the much-needed spotlight for his acting skills. After that, he kept on getting many roles in different movies. He was part of many web series and first ever social series broadcast on Facebook. He performed as the member of several musical bands and the popular one being 100 Monkeys.

Jackson Rathbone Wife Currently

Jackson Rathbone is an artistic person whose love for art and music always occupied him. He never focused on getting girlfriends and having all the fun. Shelia Hafsadi is the only girl to walk in his life it seems. Though there are a few rumors of linkups, but Jackson has maintained his one-woman’s man status throughout his life. She is a burlesque dancer and worked as a hairdresser. Just like her husband, she is also multi-talented. She is also a singer and sang by the side of her husband.

Jackson Rathbone wife

The couple met in 2011 when Jackson was in musical tour in Fort Lauderdale with his band 100 Monkeys. After a year of their relationship, they decided to have a baby without even getting married. Shelia gave birth to a baby son Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI in July 2012. After a year of their first child, they finally decided to get married in September 2014. The marriage event was a small one comprising of close friends and family members because they wanted to avoid unnecessary press attention that could have ruin their relationship as Jackson was rumored to have a few linkups before that.

One of the very scary moments in the life of the couple and their son happened on 18th September 2014. They were off to Texas from California for celebrating their first wedding anniversary a few days later. But in the midway, one of the engines of the JetBlue flight exploded. The entire cabin was filled with smoke. The plane came back to Long Beach, California and had a safe emergency landing. Things could have been worse and luckily everyone survived and four of the flight’s passengers were to be hospitalized.

On 31st May 2016 the happily married couple welcomed another child but this time a baby girl named Presley Bowie Rathbone. They have always maintained a low profile and hence, no ugly fights or public display of affections caught the attention of the media.

Previous Relationships of Jackson Rathbone

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene was Jackson’s co-star in the movie Twilight. They had a brief relationship in 2011 before Jackson met Shelia. The couple was caught kissing and making out in Los Angeles. Even media started focusing more on them than the trending relationship of Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart.

Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene

But it was reported that their brief relationship ended as soon as Jackson’s character ended in the Twilight series. The couple could not give time to one another due to their working schedule and their relationship did not reach the ultimate point.

Nikki Reed

Jackson was also spotted with beautiful Twilight actress Nikki Reed. They used to attend events and award shows together. When they started receiving media spotlight, they clarified that they are just best friends and not in a relationship.

Jackson Rathbone and Nikki Reed

But they were caught many times in cozy positions. Given that Jackson always maintains a low profile and does not want media to interfere in his personal life, the rumor of the couple being in a relationship could be true. But after their roles in Twilight series ended, they were never spotted together again. Currently, she is Ian Somerhalder wife and they are living a happy life together.

Jackson Rathbone is one of the rare actors to have been dedicated to one girl for the most part of his life. The rumored relationships also did not receive huge spotlight because he did not like to show it off in public. Hope he continues with Sheila for lifetime.

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