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Kellan Lutz Girlfriend, Wife 2017 – Who Is He Dating?


Kellan Lutz Girlfriend, Wife 2017 – Who Is He Dating?

Is Kellan Lutz Finally Engaged To New Girlfriend Brittany Gonzales? Find more stuff related to his dating life and all his ex girlfriends or wife.

Kellan Lutz Bio

Kellan Lutz is an American actor. He is also a part-time supermodel. He became popular after playing Emmett Cullen character in Twilight Saga. Even since then, he has been stealing the spotlight by bagging lead roles in movies like Tarzan, The Expandables 3 and The Legend of Hercules.

Kellan Lutz girlfriend

He was born in North Dakota, and his full name is Kellan Christopher Lutz and spent his childhood in Arizona and holds a chemical engineering degree. He opted to follow his passion for acting, and is at the top of his acting career at present.

Current Kellan Lutz Girlfriend or Wife

His current rumored girlfriend is Brittany Gonzales. She is an American model and TV host. She is a brunette with green eyes. The couple had been dating since 2016, but they kept their relationship confidential and out of media attention to avoid gossips and rumors. She claimed to be his number one fan on one of her Instagram posts. It was only on 13th December 2016 that Kellan openly confessed his love for Brittany Gonzales on Instagram to shock the world as media did not have much clue about it. Even since then they have been spotted in several hangout places and caught in intimate positions.

Kellan Lutz girlfriend


It is rumored that Kellan has already got engaged with her though no official statement has come to prove its validity. Kellan is already 31, and it is the perfect age to get married and settle down after having gone through a series of girlfriends. It is a coincidence that Kellan’s ex-girlfriend name is also Brittny with a slightly different spelling.

Kellan Lutz Brittany Gonzales

After breaking up with her, he declared that he was ready to mingle and waiting for the right girl to come in his life and light it up brightly. He wrote a beautiful post to express and confess his love for Brittany Gonzales where he mentioned that she is his best friend and a beautiful person to have on his team. There are strong rumors that they are going to get married later this year.

Previous Relationships of Kellan Lutz

Kayla Ewell

Kellan Lutz’s first official girlfriend is Kayla Ewell. He is a handsome guy, and one can expect him to have many other girlfriends before. But since he was not that popular in such early years, his personal life did not receive any media attention for good.

Kellan Lutz Kayla Ewell

Kayla is also an American TV actress who appeared in The Bold and The Beautiful, The Vampires Diaries just to name a few. Both of them are of the same age. The couple started dating in September 2006, and their relationship lasted nearly two years before they went their separate ways in July 2008. The reason for their breakup is Kellan’s next girlfriend.

AnnaLynne McCord

It is not surprising to find that most of Kellan’s girlfriends are from the modeling world. AnnaLynne is a former model. She has also acted in many TV shows, music videos, and movies.

Kellan Lutz AnnaLynne McCord

The recent movie of which she was a part is Beauty and the Beast. The couple started dating just after a few months after Kellen’s break up with Kayla.

They received all the attentions they wanted during their healthy relationship. This couple was caught romancing in public, going out for dates and having trips together. But after nearly three years of being in a relationship, their fairy tale came to an end in June 2011. She openly confessed that she was never sure whether Kellan loved her or not and had blamed on her past relationships and sexual assaults for such insecurity.

Kelly Thiebaud

One of the reasons why Anna suspected Kellan’s love for her was because there were strong rumors that Kelly started dating Kellan in January 2011. Kelly Thiebaud, an American actress, has a short stay in Kellan’s life.

Kellan and Kelly Thiebaud

They were spotted together in cozy positions several times, and it is said that their temporary relationship lasted merely three months.

Sharni Vinson

Sharni Vinson came into his life a few months after Anna left him. She is an Australian actress and is elder to Kellan. They met during the promotion of Step Up 3D where Sharni played a role. Their relationship lasted for nearly three years. During their healthy relationship both praised each other’s character and gestures publicly.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus was Kellan rumored girlfriend as they were spotted together on several occasions during December 2013, a few months after breaking up with Sharni.

Brittny Ward

She was the cover girl in Playboy magazine in January 2015 edition. They started dating each other since October 2014, and their relationship always grabbed eyeballs for their public display of affections.

Kellan Lutz Brittny Ward

Just like any other celebrity relationship, it too went through various gossips and rumors. The couple broke up in 2 months as she cheated on him for Jenson Button.

Kellan Lutz is a very handsome hunk, and he never had any shortage of celebrity girlfriends in his life. With Brittany Gonzales by his side, he is finally looking to settle down for good.

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