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Peter Facinelli Girlfriend, Wife 2017 – Who Is He Dating?


Peter Facinelli Girlfriend, Wife 2017 – Who Is He Dating?

Is Peter Facinelli going to get engaged third time in his life with his new girlfriend, Lily Anne Harrison? Know more about his dating life, his ex wives and relationships.

Peter Facinelli Bio

Peter Facinelli is a popular America actor born in November 1973 In New York.

Peter Facinelli

He started his acting career in 1995 by debuting in the movie Angela. But it was only in 1998 when he drew everyone’s attention to his famous role of Mike Dexter in the movie ‘Can’t Hardly Wait’. He has been a part of several TV series like Showtime which is a comedy-drama where he showed his versatility in acting. Plus, he has also produced a few movies. Peter has been a part of dark comedy series Nurse Jackie for seven years. He received a lot of spotlight for his amazing role in Twilight series as Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

His father was an Italian immigrant and Peter was brought up as a Roman Catholic. He was passionate about acting and took an acting course at New York University. Later, he joined Atlantic Theater Company Acting School which is quite renowned in New York City. At present, he owns a production company and his first film as a producer was Loosies where he was also the scriptwriter. He also wrote the popular tele-film “Accidentally In Love” where his then-wife Jennie Garth was the leading actor.

He is undeniably handsome, and it is quite surprising to find that he does not have too many relationships under his belt. There are hardly any rumored linkups, and thus, he is one of the few who has been able to maintain a clean sheet despite being a celebrity. But his recent entanglement has raised some eyebrows especially because he is already 43 years of age and seeking new relationships.

Current Peter Facinelli Girlfriend 2017

After calling off his engagement with Jaimie Alexander, everyone thought Peter might just go back to his divorced wife. Many felt that he would return to Jaimie for the sake of his children. But after a few months of silence, he was spotted with a mystery blonde. Later, the blonde was identified to be Lily Anne Harrison, daughter of actor Gregory Harrison and model Randi Oakes. Lily Anne has done a few short films and side roles in TV series. It was rather shocking to see the pair together because the age difference is more than 15 years.

Peter Facinelli girlfriend

Lily Anne Harrison is a big fan of Peter, and she grew a crush on him after watching his performance in Twilight series. The couple has been in the limelight for their public display of affections everywhere they go. The couple was photographed in several tourist destinations having fun in intimate positions. But both of them never shared any joint photo on social media pages. Most of the photos are taken separately and posted.

This goes on to show that they are taking their relationship lightly for the time being and having fun. Lily Anne is living in her dreams as the person he idolized in now dating her. Some rumors suggest that the couple will get engaged very soon as their chemistry looks deep and they are enjoying each other’s company excessively despite their large age gap.

Past Girlfriends Or Wives of Peter Facinelli

Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth is an American actress, and she met Peter on the sets of the movie An Unfinished Affair(1996) and began dating him. She was already married then with musician Daniel B. Clark, and she divorced him to be with Peter. The couple dated each other for more than five years before getting engaged and then married on 20th January 2001. They have three daughters, and they had a great and healthy decade of married life.

Peter Facinelli Jennie Garth

In March 2012, Facinelli filed for a divorce which came as a shock because there were no reports of conflict between the two. The divorce was completed in June 2013. The reason behind such delay was the fact that Jennie never wanted to give him a divorce. The reason behind the split is the lack of quality time spending. After 2010, his career took an exponential upturn, and he was busy shooting for Twilight movies along with his TV series. Jennie moved on after the divorce and got married to actor David Adams in July 2015 which is her third marriage. The couple remained friends after divorce and went to trips with their partners.

Jaimie Alexander

Peter started dating beautiful American actress Jaimie Alexander a few months after filing a divorce to split up with Jennie. They met on the sets of Loosies which is a movie produced by Peter. The started dating in November 2012, and they got engaged in March 2015 after nearly two and a half years of serious relationship. They have ten years of age difference, but their chemistry was always top-notch.

Peter Facinelli girlfriend Jaimie Alexander

In February 2016, Peter shocked the world again by calling off his engagement with Jaimie. It is said that it was a mutual decision because of their conflicting work commitments and family issues.

Peter Facinelli is not one of those celebrities who had a long list of wives and girlfriends. However, his preference for dating younger women has left him unsettled till date. Hopefully, he will find his life partner in his current girlfriend cum biggest fan Lily Harrison and settle down for the lifetime.

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