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Louis Tomlinson Girlfriend, Wife 2017 – Who is He Dating?


Louis Tomlinson Girlfriend, Wife 2017 – Who is He Dating?

Louis Tomlinson was dating his girlfriend Danielle Campbell till January 2017. Also, know about her relationship with Eleanor Calder, Danielle Campbell, Briana Jungwirth and Hannah Walker.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson was born on 24th December 1991 in Doncaster, UK. This is a 25-year old handsome guy is known for his active participation in One Direction. Here, he is accompanied with Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles.

Louis Tomlinson Girlfriend

Louis Tomlinson has witnessed many relationship breakups in his lifetime. But, he has never stayed aloof from love. After lots of relationship failure, this famous songwriter was currently dating with the hot actress Danielle Campbell until January 2017. Currently it is believed that he is single. There are also not any rumours of him dating someone else. Since a few months, he hasn’t been spotted with any female which is the reason many believe he is currently single.

Ex Girlfriends or wife of Louis Tomlinson

Danielle Campbell

The couple were first encountered together on December 6, 2015 at a milkshake parlour, starting dating gossipy tidbits. Well, the couple were spotted and captured by fans several times after this. But, Louis authoritatively affirmed their relationship four months after the fact, by uploading a photo of them to his Instagram profile.

Louis Tomlinson girlfriend Danielle Campbell

Danielle went with Louis to London for his Soccer Aid match in June 2016. Here, she was acquainted with Niall.
Briana Jungwirth did reportedly not want Danielle around her and Louis’ child Freddie. But, Danielle was found holding the kid at a shoreline on July 12, 2016. Not long after the photographs were uploaded, Jungwirth tweeted that she (Danielle) will NEVER be my child’s mother.

On August 17, Danielle led a meeting with Entertainment Tonight where she expressed she respected Briana and Louis’ co-parenting their child. Also, she talked cheerfully of her relationship with Louis. Danielle was in participation for Louis’ debut solo performance on X Factor, on December 10, 2016. On January 19, 2017 UK newspaper The Sun affirmed Louis and Danielle had a mutual separation.

Hannah Walker

Louis started dating Hannah Walker on March 18, 2010, before he started contending on The X Factor. It is claimed that long before One Direction, Louis and Hannah used to be school sweethearts. She was in Hall Cross Academy and ca,e to know each other during the school production.

Louis Tomlinson and Hannah Walker

Louis and Hannah were believed to have a part in July 2011. The Daily Mail distributed an announcement saying that every young fellow is now free and single to focus on recording their present collection and promote their new single. Louis’ last tweet to Hannah was in January 2011. It’s supposed that she was the person who pushed Louis to try out for The X-Factor. Hence, members of One Direction have a lot to thank to Hannah. The distance in the long run ruined their relationship, yet we unquestionably owe you a major one, Hannah!

Eleanor Calder

It is unverified how Louis and Eleanor had met, yet it has been said they were acquainted with each other in 2011 by Harry. Moreover, fans discovered that Eleanor went to college with the son of Harry MacGee, co-founder of One Direction.

Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder

Louis and Eleanor’s first open outing together was September 14 2011in order to celebrate Niall’s birthday. Louis agreed they were dating in an interview in October 2011. Well, in People Magazine in March 21 2015 fans found that after four years of relationship, Eleanor and Louis had faced a separation two weeks previously.

None of them freely talked about their separation; however, Louis confirmed he was single in a May 2015 as interviewed on James Corden’s The Late Late Show. In January 2017, Louis re-followed Eleanor on Instagram, starting gossipy tidbits about their patch up. Louis and Eleanor were found visiting a Los Angeles shoreline on 13th February 2017. Later, The Sun affirmed the couple had rebuilt the relationship.

Louis was captured for a fight in LAX airport between him, Eleanor and a few ladies. Eleanor phone was snatched from her hand and the lady physically cornered and assaulted her accordingly. Louis was present there and he hurried to Eleanor’s protection. Well, he got arrested and spent one hour in prison. Eleanor did neither squeeze charges against the lady nor against Louis.

Briana Jungwirth

Louis met American stylist Briana Jungwirth in mid 2015. Louis was encountered celebrating with Briana once in February 2015, later three times in the primary week of May 2015. On July 14, 2015 People Magazine declared Louis was expecting his first kid with Briana.

Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth

The sudden declaration expressed the couple had never dated and were good friends. Louis accepted the pregnancy news on August 4, 2015. While he was being congratulated in a live interview with Good Morning America, Louis replied “Thank you”.

Louis and Briana welcomed a child kid, Freddie Reign Tomlinson, on January 21, 2016. Louis tweeted expressing his happiness. While this was all running smoothly, on June 29, 2016 Louis was found to taking Briana to court in order to have the custody of Freddie. Louis’ publicists said that he had requested privacy and he hoped to get a high respect for his family in this matter.

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