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Matthew Goode Wife 2017 – Who Is He Married To?


Matthew Goode Wife 2017 – Who Is He Married To?

Matthew Goode is living an ideal life with his gorgeous wife Sophie Dymoke. Also, know about his relationship with Margot Molinari, Mandy Moore and Amy Adams. Matthew Goode wife Sophie Dymoke have been in relationship past 12 years and have three kids together.

Matthew Goode Biography

He is a popular English actor who was born in Devon, England on 3rd April 1978. His popularity is more for his TV series than his movies. He debuted in ABC’s TV film Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister in 2002.

Matthew Goode

In 2004, his character play for romantic comedy Chasing Liberty helped him get noticed. Some of his popular movies are Leap Year, Belle, The imitation Game, and Self/Less. But he has failed to make it to the top and some say that it is due to his lack of ambition in life. Matthew is rumored to be the next James Bond which would be the biggest achievement of his acting career.

Since he was never that much popular and wanted to focus on his work, he had the least number of relationships though rumors never fell short to come by. Many of his co-stars were linked up with him and it is not surprising to hear as Matthew is quite dashing and introvert at the same time.

Matthew Goode Wife

Matthew has had only two legit relationships in his life and the rest of them are more of rumors than truth. His current girlfriend is Sophie Dymoke. It is believed that they got married secretly and hence, they refer to each other as husband and wife. When they were asked, they said that marriage is a very expensive event and hence, they never got married as such. The couple also implied that it would have been better if they could get married alone in a straightforward manner without extravagance.

Matthew Goode wife

It is speculated that they started dating back in 2005 and has been together for nearly 12 years which is simply awesome for any celebrity. They also have two daughters and one son. Their first daughter was born in 2009 when they were unmarried but were living together. The second daughter Teddie was born in 2013 and son Ralph was born in 2015. They are a perfect couple who set the standard high for all power couples to follow and have a stable relationship instead of changing relationships every year.

Ex girlfriends of Matthew Goode

Margot Molinari

Margot was Matthew first legit relationship and the two met on a production set of a TV drama. After a few days, they started to grow a liking for one another and soon they started dating.

Matthew Goode and Margot Molinari

In a few months times, they got involved in a relationship. The duo was just getting started in their career at that point in 2004. But in 2005, they broke up because they were too focused on their relationship goals rather than career goals and it was harming both of them. They separated on good terms and maintained friendly behavior towards each other whenever they met later.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore was Matthew’s co-star in the movie Chasing Liberty. Their chemistry in the movie was perfect and they shared a few intimate moments as per the demand of the script.

Matthew Goode Mandy Moore

Naturally, when they were caught in a night club, speculations began to build up. It is believed that they stayed together for a few weeks before splitting up and it was before Margot came in his life.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman was another co-star of Matthew who was heavily linked together. She has a thing for younger guys and Matthew was 10 years younger to her.

Matthew Goode Nicole Kidman

They met on the set of the movie Stoker in 2013 and reported to instantly grow a liking for each other even though Matthew’s long-term girlfriend Sophie was expecting a baby at that time. The rumor made Sophie quite insecure and it was probably due to her health that Nicole and Matthew never saw each other’s face after the movie was released.

Amy Adams

This is a rumored relationship and it was reported that Matthew fell for the beauty of Amy Adams who was his co-star in the movie Leap Year.

Matthew Goode and Amy Adams

The couple could be spotted in several public places in rather cozy positions. Rumors were running high that Matthew broke split up with his long-term girlfriend Sophie but in a few weeks’ time, they could not be spotted again which led to the burial of all rumors.

Matthew Goode is a perfect example of how success can never mess up your personal life and relationships. There had been occasional ups and downs but that is natural for a celebrity and also good for them to get some promotion and face time on media to stay fresh in the mind of the audiences. In spite of being charming and every girl’s sweetheart, Matthew has been staying loyal to Sophie and they truly are a couple for a lifetime.

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