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Robbe Amell Girlfriend or Wife in 2018 – Who Is He Dating?


Robbe Amell Girlfriend or Wife in 2018 – Who Is He Dating?

Robbie Amell got married to his girlfriend Italia Ricci in the year 2016. Also, check his dating history to know about all his past relationships.

Robbie Amell Biography

Robert Patrick Amell, popularly known as Robbie Amell, is a Canadian actor. He was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 21st April 1988.

Robbie Amell

He is a popular TV and movie actor. He is famous for TV series like The Tomorrow People playing the character Stephen Jameson, The Flash for playing the role of Firestorm and Deathstorm. When it comes to movies, he played the character of Fred Jones in the movies of Scooby-Doo. Some of his other popular movies are The Hunters and The Duff.

He is the cousin of Stephen Amell, the popular actor from TV series Arrow. Robbie started acting when he was six. He played roles in many TV commercials. By the time he was 16, he started getting big roles in TV series and short films. He joined Canadian Studios Acting Academy to pursue his acting passion.

Robbie Amell has been working on TV series for a long time now and naturally, he became a household name. Acting in popular movies like Scooby-Doo also increased his brand value among kids. It is believed that 2009 was the breakout year in his life as he got cast in Scooby-Doo and subsequently landing bigger and leading roles in other TV series like The Tomorrow People.

He is extremely good looking and had success in his modeling career as well. But it is quite surprising to see that he did not have many solid relationships in the past. He is rather one woman’s man and is that kind of celebrity who has only one relationship under his belt. He is already 28 and married and keeps a low profile and does not like to be in the news for his entanglement with girls.

Present Robbie Amell Girlfriend Or Wife in 2017

Robbie Amell is currently married to Italia Ricci. Italia Ricci is a Canadian actress who is also a very popular TV actress. The couple met on the set of Cheaper By The Dozen 2 and started dating in July 2008. They have been the most stable couple and no reports of ups and downs in their relationship were ever reported. They are literally inseparable since the very beginning. Both stars got closer during their shooting for Beta House. They have worked in so many TV series together and people love their pairing.

Robbie Amell wife Italia Ricci

In July 2014, after six years of their relationship anniversary, they got engaged. Robbie declared on Instagram that he is going to marry his best friend Italia very soon. After more than 2 years of being engaged, they decided to get married on 15th October 2016. They say that the stability of their relationship is due to their friendship as they hide nothing from each other. Even though Italia was a bigger star than Robbie when they met, the ego never came in between them and just like Robbie, Italia was committed to him all throughout and they were no rumors or linkups reported about Italia.

Previous Relationships of Robbie Amell

Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley is an American actress cum singer. She has been part of “Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins” movie where Robbie and Hayley played the leading role. Robbie was rumored to be hooking up with her during 2009 when he just got into a relationship with Italia. The couple was spotted in several places hanging out together and many believe that it was for the promotion of the movie and not a relationship type. Once the promotion and the screening of the movie were done, they were never caught together again and all the rumors died down.

KeKe Palmer

Robbie had a huge success in TV series True Jackson, VP. But it also bought a wild rumor that he was dating his co-star Keke Palmer. They were caught in many places like nightclubs, bars, and restaurants for dinner date.

Robbie Amell and KeKe Palmer

Robbie later clarified that they are just friend and due to professional reason, they hang out in places along with the crew. Well, there is enough reason to take his statement with a pinch of salt as most of the incident took place in 2008 when he was not in a relationship with Italia and had the perfect status to mingle with anyone.

Bella Thorne

Robbie was weirdly linked with Bella Thorne who is also a Canadian actor and model. Robbie worked with her in the movie The Duff. Bella is nearly 10 years younger than him and it sounded so awkward.

Robbie Amell and Bella Thorne

When the rumors were going wild, Robbie clarified that Bella is more like a fan and she loves to hang around with him just like a fan. Hence, they went for a lunch and go out together whenever they get chances in between their movie shooting. Many thought that Robbie would break up with Italia in 2015 due to Bella.

Robbie Amell is the rarest of the rear actors who had only one meaningful relationship in his life and rest are just wild rumors. Now that he is married and only 28, hopefully, he will stick with her for a lifetime and have a happy family.

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