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Ryan Guzman Girlfriend, Wife in 2018


Ryan Guzman Girlfriend, Wife in 2018

Do you want to know who is Ryan Guzman girlfriend or wife in 2017? Check who is he dating or married to currently after her breakup with Melanie Iglesias.

Ryan Guzman Biography

Ryan Guzman, the 29-year-old American actor is celebrated for his dapper looks. Coming to his early life, he was born to Ray Guzman, Mexico and Lisa (née Hudson), California on September 21, 1987.

Ryan Guzman

He grew up in California when he shifted with his mom at a young age where he completed his schooling and college life. He has the younger brother named Steven Guzman with whom he shares a lovely bond. Talking about his personal life, he tries to keep his fans acknowledged about his life through social media networks. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? Anyway, these days it’s so easy to connect to our favorite celebrities!

Ask any girl about him! You are about to get the same answer, every girl’s heartthrob! The thrilling movie “The Boy Next Door” (2015) featured Jennifer Lopez and Ryan as Noah did great and won million hearts with his exemplary acting. And the incredibly sexy Sean in the 2012 released movie “Step Up Revolution” was unforgettable too. He has also shown up in various Television shows.

Ryan Guzman Girlfriend Currently

Ryan is currently busy with his career and he claims to be single. Well, we appreciate your decision, Ryan.

Tell me one thing what we all want to know about our favorite celebs. Probably, their love life! Don’t we? Well, if you ask me, I think we should let them live their life on their own without any disturbance. But, when the celebs get a limelight after entertaining us on the screen, parallel, they do get a responsibility to keep us connected out of the reel life too.

And coming to him, he has been always super cool and frank about his life over Instagram or Twitter. Didn’t you see how the love birds, Ryan and the Girl Code’s Melanie Iglesias used to share their adorable pictures all over the Internet?


Ladies, our cute Ryan Guzman is single. He wants to focus on his career as of now. Well, that’s pretty good decision. But it would be really tough to believe the fact that a dapper guy like him had never dated. So, neither we are saying it nor himself! Ryan who was head straight about never wasting his time in finding the lead roles rather started working whatever came by has also the clear vision about his personal life.

Ryan Guzman firlfriend and dating

He knows what allures him, what attracts him! During an interview, he disclosed that he loves that kind of ‘girls’ who leave a bit of imagination to the men. He believes that the girls who come on a date night with a little covered-up attire are more attractive and they drive the men crazy. Though, he clearly concluded that it was his own perspective and it had nothing to do with sexism and other men’s perspectives. Well, Ryan, that’s really sensible of you!

Dating list of Ryan Guzman

Melanie Iglesias

Do you remember the beautiful Melanie Iglesias from Girl’s Code? Of course, you do! And breaking the ice, let me tell you, our dope Ryan was officially dating her in 2014. Like any other celebrity couple, they also enjoyed the limelight. But, more than that, they enjoyed each other’s company too.

Ryan Guzman and Melanie Iglesias

They really had a good time together, you could understand when you see cute updates on social media by both of them. When they were together, they were really supportive, adorable and lovable to each other. Once he said in an interview in his own words.

“We had been talking on Skype for three or four months while I was filming [Step Up] in Vancouver. We felt like we had known each other our whole lives, which is kind of amazing. I would never have thought that would happen.”

But, they are also humans. And look around, the world is full of patch-ups and break-ups. After dating around good one year or more than it, they got separated. The reason behind their break-up is still not revealed by them even after two years of its occurrence. Well, rumors are always there! They say it was a business move but who couldn’t fall for the beautiful and gorgeous Goddess, J.Lo!

Rumored Girlfriend

Jennifer Lopez

Yes, in a talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, after the release of “The Boy Next Door” featuring J.Lo and Ryan, J.Lo was asked, “Is there anything between you and your smoky hot 27-year-old co-star Ryan?”

Ryan Guzman and Jennifer Lopez

Though she was clever enough not to accept in front of the audience but she gushed while speaking about him and addressed him as a gentleman. But, on the same talk show, she told the crowd about how she didn’t like the idea of labeling an older woman with a relationship with a younger guy as “Cougar”.

She further added, “Why don’t they have names for the men dating younger girls?”. Politically, we do feel you, J.Lo, but, on the other side of the coin, is it correct what we are thinking right now? But, that’s long gone. There’s nothing permanent in life. Jennifer Lopez was also dating Bradley Copper and Ben Affleck in the past.

Talking about the present, Ryan is single nowadays as he has quoted, “I am very single.” Does that ring a bell, ladies? Go catch him before somebody takes him away again! Good luck. And Ryan, we love you!

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